Unique Dining Room Home Accessories

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My love for home and interior decor has no end. I love so many different styles and trends it would be hard to mix them all in one house. I am constantly looking for fresh ideas and ways to revamp old spaces in my home. Whether it is this season’s love for stags or little vases hanging on the wall I love it all.

There is something emotional about a freshly decorated space, shining of uniqueness and personality that catches my eye. If it’s vibrant and bursting with color, I get excited and motivated. If it’s pastels and neutral colors I feel a calm overcome me. This is how I decorate my house. I think about the feelings and emotions that go into that particular space. For example, I decorated our master bedroom with warm dark colors and gave it a romantic feel. My living room where relax at night is full of pastel colors and neutral tones that will give us all a place to relax and let our busy days pass away. Or a kids play room that is bursting vibrant primary colors. They all have a part to play in our lives, why not match them not only with our personality but the mood they were intended for.

Here I am sharing with you some of the top unique dining room home accessories I have been eyeing lately. A dining room is a great place to get funky. If you like to host dinner parties like I do and have the girls over for lunch and a good laugh it’s the perfect place to show of your corky side. I love these unique dining room accessories below starting with my lust for this table. (if I win the lottery this will be my first purchase next to a porsche cayenne, hey, a girl can want). 

Notonthehighstreet home decor home accessories dining room

Dining Room Table 

Not only can I think of a million food styling photos I could take on this. I love how unique and different it is. The best thing is it’s made out of reclaimed wooden board and steel. So you know it is built to last. It’s a lust item but a beautiful, unique lust item at that so I just had to share it. Notonthehighstreet home decor home accessories dining room Cameo Tealight Holder

Porcelain Teapot Hooks

Mercury Glass Bowl 

Blue Antique Hook

I love the idea of using these tealight holders not just for candles but for roses as well. There is something so vintage about frosted tealight holders full of colorful roses. If I could I would put them in every room in the house in various colors. So chic and so pretty.

At first I wasn’t too sure about the teapots on the wall but what a cute idea for hooks. I would put them in my dining room and make a little tea / coffee area in the corner near them. A place where I might sit and sip a hot cuppa when the weather turns cold and I want some peace.

Yes call me weird, but I would actually use this mercury glass bowl to serve soup or stew in.  While it would make an amazing center piece on my dining room table, you can use it for some many different things. A versatile item is always a golden ticket in my book.

Not that it would match my more modern looking home but I just fell in love with this blue antique hook. I wish I could find a home for it somewhere in my house and I would buy it. Very vintage and has that shabby chic feel to it. Maybe hold my kitchen towels upon it’s hook, one can dream.

Notonthehighstreet home decor home accessories dining room

Tribeca Wall Rack

This tribeca wire wall rack is a must have. It would go in any room. I envision it full of tea cups and saucers in the dining room, mini photo frames in the hallway, russian dolls and candles in the living room or even perfect with a candle, loofah and mini bath towels in the bathroom. It truly is one that’s high on my list. I love the little mirrors next to it to complete the look but that’s a whole another post to share with you. If you missed my love for wire storage check it out here any of it would go great in the same room as this lovely rack.

Notonthehighstreet home decor home accessories dining room Hanging Flower Vases

Knitted Vase Cosies 

Vintage Nautical Tea Light Holders

Birch Bark Vase or Lantern 

These hanging flower vases in this gorgeous white tree are so corky. I have a little mini tree in my dining room console table that I think they must live in but I will keep drooling for now. Christmas is just around the corner, I think a Santa letter is in order.

The knitted vase cosies are such a great way to style your home for the seasons. Bring that wintery wonderland right in. Use them to cover those vases in your dining room in that armoire or on that shelf above your console table. Why not put a mini table in the corner and a few vases cover in cosies for a cozy look.

Tealight holders are always a shelf’s best friend but these I can envision in the middle of my dining room table as a center piece. Possibly placing three in a long row and mix them with the cameo tea light holders at the begining which would create a vintage, funky look.

I love to dress a table up. My dining room table is rarely without some kind of new centerpiece creation. Depending on the season I do like to change it up quite a bit. Autumn usually holds a Halloween / Thanksgiving feel and then I move onto Christmas but the rest of the year I prefer to adorn it in flowers and candle holders.

Our dining room is one of the busy rooms in our house. With two small tots we are constantly eating meals, having snacks or doing things at the table. As with all the rooms in my house I like them kid friendly but I also like them full of pretty little things that represent me that I can cherish from a higher level! Out of the kids reach!

Whilst many of these items are luxury items that I found myself, if you find that you love the look of a style but are not good at designing and styling it yourself you can always find the help and service for home design from Emblem Furniture. They specialize in wallpers to fabrics, to curtains and furniture!

(*all photos are compliments of notonthehighstreet)


18 thoughts on “Unique Dining Room Home Accessories”

    • I think the same. I just rotate everything from room to room. lol Although it’s getting full now I can always find a home if I need and find that one piece I love. hahaha

  1. I love that dining table too. I’m sure if you could find a local joiner you could knock up something similar yourself for a little less. We have quite a modern house too but I love your more vintage choices. They wouldn’t be right for us now but maybe a future home 🙂

    • Yes exactly. I love old restored wood tables too. They are great for my food styling backdrops. hahaha Definitely things for my future house. And when the kids are older. 😉

  2. You have chosen some beautiful pieces, as always. We are redecorating and like you, have decided on cool tones for the lounge to relax in and warm, dark, romantic colours for our bedroom. I plan to re-do Harry’s in bold colours but his bedroom was done when we moved in last year, so we’re in no rush. x

    • That sounds fantastic. Ya I did both Buba and Missy Moo’s rooms in very bright colors. I did room tours on them if you need inspiration for the future. lol Thanks hunny for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Our whole house needs decorating as only 1 room was properly done 14 years ago before I moved it. The rest is still undecorated/unfinished (read, not started). I’d really just want to get someone in but the OH would never agree to that – he doesn’t understand that I have no yearning to do it myself, plus he moans about my lack of painting skill, but I have no time to do it – it would take years!

    I still like looking at pretty things though – that’s not his cup of tea – it’s just more clutter to him.

  4. I’m looking to make a study area a bit more interesting, you have helped me think with a bit more creativity!

  5. Some gorgeous things here! I especially like the hanging flower vases, and the knitted flower vases. Little touches like that can really make a home.

  6. I LOVE everything you have mentioned here, your tastes are so similar to mine. Although lately i have become obsessed with black and white so my home is gradually turning into monochrome madness lol! xxx


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