How to Pick the Perfect Gallery Wall

Last updated on September 23rd, 2020 at 02:22 pm

It’s no secret I love a good gallery wall feature in a room. We have numerous gallery wall styles in our house. The best thing about it, is there is no wrong or right way to do a gallery wall. It’s all up to the theme of the room, size of the room and of course your own preference. There is also other ways to create a gallery style like hanging them in clusters on the wall or perhaps leaning them in cluster on a shelf! Your options are endless.

But how do you pick the perfect gallery wall set for a room?

First, get in the mind set of color and theme. For example, I recently did this gallery wall style above my son’s bed in his new bedroom. I knew I didn’t want characters that he might grow out of or that might clash if we change the color of the room later. Typography letters were a great accent to his big boy room. I choose to make the middle initial smaller to give it that gallery wall style. Black and white color scheme means I can change the wall color and bedding as much as I like and it’s still going to coordinate. It’s also more masculine having the bold lettering than fancy script for my son.

Desenio Gallery Wall typography posters frames

Secondly why not try a variety of sizes and angles. I love how the living room gallery wall came out with horizontal and landscape posters in various sizes of silver frames. It makes the room appear taller and wider with the lighter frames and the light reflects off them.

Don’t forget to coordinate your pictures in your gallery wall. Whether that’s the same color scheme, theme, or style. You could do four or five photos of leaves and trees with some added typography. Or like I did on our leaning gallery wall in our hallway, I stuck with the similar pastel pink and teal colors to coordinate together for a spring vibe.

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Lastly, create a focus poster you can build on. I hung this flower cone poster in my office and I am waiting until I spot the perfect smaller framed posters to go around it and add to it. I love to start with a good feature poster in the center and work my way around it for smaller rooms. Whereas for bigger rooms I would choose three dominate posters and work around them. The rule I stick to is either 2 posters or an odd number but that’s just me.

Finally use a template if you are unsure of the shape and sizes you want to use and it’s handy to be able to tape the template afterwards on the wall to hang too. Get a large enough piece of paper for your wall, and using and pencil draw life outlines of the pictures you want to hang them or cut them out of your recycled cardboard so you can move around easily and see what pattern you want to create.

Desenio Gallery Wall typography posters frames

If you are struggling to pick the perfect gallery wall try taking a peak here at some Desenio Gallery Wall suggestions.

Do you have a gallery wall in your house? How did you pick the perfect posters/pictures/photos for it?

I would love to know your strategy in decorating. Comment below.

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