How to Personalize Your Living Room

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Decorating a home has always been fun for me. It’s a time to express yourself, play with current trends, and evolve with your house as the years go by. You can almost tell a person’s personality or get a glimpse of it anyways in the way they personalize a room when they are passionate about interiors. But what if decorating isn’t your thing? Need some guidance on how to express yourself in your home? Here are some top tips to personalize your living room.

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Personalize Your Living Room:

Unique textiles

There is nothing like an unexpected item made from a unique textile to warm up a room and make it feel like your own special space. For instance, you can add a Turkish or Persian rug, depending on your own personal taste, to add a burst of personal style. Another great idea is to choose an antique or vintage textile and cover your throw pillows and cushions. An equally good idea is to cover a small stool and add a textile throw to your couch to give the room a warm feel and make the whole space feel inviting.

Unique pieces

One of the best ways to personalize a living room is to include a unique piece. For instance, you can include a family heirloom, such as a cabinet passed down through the generations. Additionally, you can shop around and purchase a unique chair with one-of-a-kind carvings, something that is guaranteed to show off your personal style and let others know a bit about you.

New accents

A budget-friendly way to personalize your living room is to add new fake plants or accents. Whether you choose new throw pillows or a cozy new throw, you should be sure to choose items that are interesting or intriguing to you.

Other ideas include adding a rug to your hardwood floor to give the room a homier feel. Similarly, hanging new art can brighten the place and make it yours. Large art that fills a wall, for instance, makes a bold statement which, without a doubt, gives your living room that one-of-a-kind feel. Whether you choose one of these ideas, or all of them, any one of these small changes will have a great impact on the personalized feel of the room.

Mix it up

A fun and easy way to make your living room unique is to add a piece that exudes old-world charm. For instance, vintage pieces are great because they fill your space with character, giving it that extra something that other living rooms just do not have.

Additionally, re-purposing items is a fantastic way to save the environment while making a personal statement in your home. For instance, you can simply attach old wooden crates to a solid, flat table base. On top of this, you lay a piece of glass. Between the glass and the table base, you can insert your own photos and enjoy a personalized coffee table that displays your history and favorite memories.

Photo blankets

Hanging family photos in your living room is a great way to personalize that space. Fortunately, displaying them on the wall is not the only way to make your living room feel like your own. For instance, throw blankets are great for snuggling while you watch a movie, read a book, or stay warm on a gray day.

Additionally, you can take the family photos to the next level and add your cherished family memories to your blanket. Whether you choose a theme–like a favorite family vacation–or document your child’s life from birth to high school, you are sure to enjoy the personalized touch a photo blanket will add to your living room. Photo blankets ($54.99) are available at Collage.

Frame your favorites

Not everyone can afford to hang fine art throughout their home, but this should not stop you. All you need to do is find a few books that include pictures from your favorite artists, cut out those pictures, and place them in a frame. You can now enjoy all the art you never thought you could have. If fine art is not your style, you can place your child’s art pieces in beautiful frames and display them in your living room.
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Combine textures

Textures add depth to a space and help make your living room feel unique and personal. Rather than sticking with one or two textures, however, you might consider mixing a variety of them to create an interesting and dynamic feel. The only thing to remember is that when it comes to textures, they should build on and complement one another.


What you read says a lot about who you are, what you are interested in, and what is important to you. Adding bookcases filled with your reading interests will undoubtedly make the space your own. To add a bit of intrigue, you can sprinkle a few thoughtful pieces from your travels on each shelf.

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The unexpected

There is nothing like adding something totally unexpected to your space. For instance, adding in an animal portrait can bring a bit of humor to any room. Whether it is a large picture of your favorite pet guinea pig or an irresistible portrait of a giraffe you found at a flea market, there is no denying the personalized effect it has.

Unique Natural Vibes

Nothing attracts an eye better than a perfect tree at the corner of your living room or hanging a few plants on the wall. Incorporating items that bring out a natural vibe in your living room can accentuate the hue without putting in the extra effort. Having different plants in your living room will bring life with a lot of vibrancy to it.

Various places to put your plants are on the coffee table, windowsill, or beside a sofa. The best plants for a living room include peace lily, spider plant, rubber tree, and philodendron. Click on for other little touches to add that can bring out your style.


Decorating your home with tokens from your travels will certainly express your own personal statement and allow you to enjoy your favorite memories. Furthermore, travel photo frames ($14.99) from HelloTraveler were made for just this type of thing. For instance, one shelf can display pictures and interesting items you purchased from flea markets while another shelf can display driftwood, shells, and beautiful rocks you collected on a family vacation on the coast. Including postcards is just another way to help complete the story.

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