My Family of Five in September

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:50 pm

Can you believe we are now done with September. Why do spring and summer go so fast? I always feel like the excitement of school starting and getting back into a routine quickly speeds time up and we hit the phrase, “Christmas is just around the corner”. And it’s less than 100 days till the festive ho, ho, ho too.

I am usually ready for the holidays. October brings Halloween, November brings Thanksgiving, and December brings Christmas that’s three months of solid holiday celebrations in our house. I love it. It helps beat those winter blues every time.

But this year, I am NOT ready. I am normally have all the Christmas shopping done by the end of next month. I normally have Santa booked, flights for New Years sorted and planning next years business plan. With the house renovations delayed and moving into October I have pushed back my to do list trying to get it finished. We have delayed the kitchen renovations until after Christmas because we just need some relaxing, down time in between and time to catch up on regular things.

It’s been a wonderful summer for us in America as a family. Sadly, this year Daddy couldn’t come which was hard solo parenting the entire summer and we missed him so much. Someone had to watch over the house renovations though bless him. We can’t wait to share our adventures in a few vlogs and blog posts when we do catch up.

We returned to the UK as usual to the rain. It’s pretty much not stopped raining since we got home. Makes for lots of creative indoor play and activities but gosh are we missing the sunshine. How about you?



A clean house, finally, after all the builders are gone.

A new office to decorate.

New office hours and nursery help.


A new loft.

Scaffolding coming down, FINALLY.

Us home from America.


His new loft bedroom.

His new double bed!

His own space, no more sharing a room with his sister.


Loving her bedroom back to herself.

Running up two flights of stairs and saying, we have upstairs, and up upstairs.

Seeing Daddy again after summer break. She is such the little daddy’s girl.


Having days out with Mom and her not working Mondays and Fridays.

Making new friends at nursery.

Playing soccer with the nets in the back yard.

Other than the busy rushing of life, the kids are growing like weeds. Started YR2 and YR4 and nursery! It’s been quite the adjustment for Baby O starting nursery and me having set work hours. I am trying my best to stick to them so it gives Baby O and I more quality, one on one when he isn’t in nursery. Rather than me trying to work and play at the same time. That’s too hard to balance for anyone. It’s been a lot less stressful for me but sadly Baby O hasn’t taken to nursery yet.

We are a few weeks in and he still cries a lot, doesn’t eat much but we have cracked the nap time at nursery so that’s a bonus. With all the disruptions in the house, no doors on any room and him now waking in the night numerous times (possibly because of new nursery, possibly teething, possibly night terrors, possibly growth spurt, possibly hunger). We have had all the advice and tried everything. It’s been weeks of no sleep for most of us.

So we move into October as a family of five. Hopefully with more sleep this next month. Lots of celebrations and candy for trick or treating and baby’s proper first pumpkin patch experience too!

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  1. Wow Jenny, it sounds like you’ve been mega busy! Glad the renovations are taking shape now – why do they always take so much longer than anticipated?! I’ve loved following your travels this summer 🙂 xx


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