Best Things to Do with Kids in France

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France is a delightful country to travel to, with kids. While many would look at France as a romantic destination for adults, it is actually like an endless playground for children. We love going to France and have so many places still on our bucket list to go.

There are some great things to do in France with kids as there are umpteen kid-friendly activities to explore around every corner. Why not plan family holidays in France this summer and see for yourself?

Here’s how you can have ultimate family holiday with Kids in France.

France Paris Eiffel Tower Kids in France

Climb the iconic Eiffel Tower
The world-famous Eiffel Tower is a must-visit with kids. After all, they have seen so many stunning pictures of this iconic building in their books.

Buy tickets in advance if you want the elevator ride to the top. You can also take the stairs which will take you up to the 2nd level. It is indeed a deep sense of accomplishment once you reach the top and from there can enjoy the panoramic views of Paris. Try to locate different spots of the city from the top.

Disneyland Paris France kids in France

Disneyland in Paris

Disneyland Paris is a must for all families as it is a perfect introduction for the kids to the magical world of Disney. It may be smaller than its American counterpart; but still it is a great way to get the American experience with a European flair. Children always end up having a fantastic time in the Disneyland what with those plentiful of rides, great shows, and colorful parades. Watch their eyes light up when they see their favorite characters, and it is only here in Disneyland where their dreams really do come true.

Eurocamp Bella Italia on Lake Garda Pescheira Italy

Splashworld Provence

Escape to the largest water park in France, Splashworld and it here where all the fun for the whole family begins. There is a vast array of activities that can keep the family busy the whole day. However, you need to plan the day as the park is too huge to cover, and you should not waste time walking back and forth too much. There are 15 rides and do not forget to check out the highest water slide in Europe “Huricana Sliiide.” Other attractions include “Kind’a Looops” with winding tunnels and “Ri’Kiki Bay” with 1-meter high waves.

Claude Monet’s home

Spend some creative time at Claude Monet’s home that is located between Normandy and Paris. Let the younger ones run after those butterflies, and once they are tired, they can sit down with their art supplies and paint the scenes in front of them. Give their creative minds the freedom and flight to capture the changing seasons and changing light with colors on paper.

Road trip to Nice

What could be better than having an excellent road trip to a wonderful destination like Nice with your family? Once you reach the Old Town of Nice, take leisurely strolls along the little lanes and alleys, the parks and the beaches. Let the kids spend their time and energy on the beach, swimming, making sandcastles, or collect the beautiful pebbles. Spend time on the large grassy play area of the Chateau and simply soak in the French atmosphere as you enjoy a glass of wine and grab a gelato for the children.

Eurocamp Bella Italia on Lake Garda Pescheira Italy

The Seine River Cruise 

Embark on a cruise along the Seine River, and it is on the must-do list of most families who come to Paris. After all, the Seine cruise is a great way to see Paris, and you can get a different perspective of the city and its attractions like Musée d’Orsay, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, etc. Pick for a sightseeing boat tour that might be best for your family, and the whole tour may last for an hour. You will come across various sized boats with slightly different designs and sizes.

Sirmione Italy Lake Garda

 A trip to Lake Annecy

Another great thing to do in France with your kids is pay a visit to the lovely Lake Annecy. Lake Annec is known to be the cleanest lake in Europe and the alpine lake boasts of crystal-clear waters. Ley your kids trek around the lake and the countryside or stroll through the picturesque streets of Annecy. After the hike, they can even take a dip in the cool, clear lake.

France French Bakery Kids in France

A Bakery Tour

Why not take your kids on a French bakery tour and let them learn how to bake a deliciously perfect baguette. This is the only way to get behind the scenes and see how they bake that perfectly crisp and light baguette. Explore the workshop during the 2.5-hour culinary tour and see the various preparation steps that are important to bake those French goodies. Enjoy a traditional breakfast of freshly-baked croissants and baguettes plus pain au chocolat.


Which kid doesn’t like pastries and chocolates? Explore the upscale shops of Saint-Germain-des-Prés where you can enjoy hand-made chocolates and freshly baked pastry, and bread. Take advantage of being there and test the exceptional sweets and specialties made by gastronomic craftsmen. Feast your eyes on the exciting shop windows and displays loaded with a huge range of pastries and chocolates. Some of the best chocolate makers in France come from here.

Normandy Trip

Explore Normandy with your children, and this is indeed one of the best experiences to look forward to in France. There is plenty to do and explore in the beautiful town, and one must definitely visit because of the glorious beaches. Let the children learn about major historical events during World War II in the town of Bayeux and how those events changed world history. The interactive war museums will catch the attention of your kids, no matter what age group.

Paris Catacombs 

Discover the world of Catacombs beneath the streets of Paris and enjoy the two-hour tour under an expert guide. The Catacombs were dug in the Middle Ages and were filled with the dead. However, originally, they were a quarry made of hundreds of tunnels beneath the streets of Paris. Keep in mind that the tours are not suitable for children under ten years.

Hop-on hop-off open-top bus tour

Take one of those Hop-on hop-off tours in Paris, and you can select different routes as per your choice. It is a great way to explore Paris at your own pace, and you can take 1, 2, or 3-day tour with different itineraries that will take you to different landmarks and attractions of the city. Discover the iconic sights of the city that decree the historic, fashionable, and fun side of the city. It is a practical way to see Paris from the open-top deck and enjoy those fantastic views while in comfort.

best things to do with kids in France

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