Letters to Him & Her ~ #36

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:27 am

writing weekly letters to my children #ordinarymoments


B, you are absolutely blossoming into a lovely little boy. You are learning so much at school on a daily basis. I had forgotten how fast kids your age learn and obtain information like a sponge. You are full of questions and stories about everything. I love how your little mind works. You are finding your voice and your little personality has really grown up a lot in the last few weeks. I love that you still love school after half term. I was a little nervous it was just because it was all so new to you but you are a little boy of routines. The routine of going to school and all it offers really is right up your street. You continue to be sensitive at times and we are working through your emotions better. You were struggling to handle your emotions recently so it’s good to see light at the end of the tunnel. It’s now wintertime and the holidays are just ahead of us. I am so excited as it will be your first year to really understand Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am enjoying teaching you everything I know about two holidays that are so important to us as Americans and English. It’s the first time you are starting to understand how much of two worlds you are apart of.


writing weekly letters to my children #ordinarymoments


MM, you are growing up way too fast. As my little baby girl I want to keep you young forever. I don’t want those baby days to be beyond me but as I put you to bed each night I know they already are past me. You are a toddler now full of mischief, funnies, and happy giggles. You fill the house with your hilarious rantings and none stopping story telling along side your brother. You have really changed so much since he started school and you have had to become your own little individual. Unlike your brother who constantly messed up his words and said funny inappropriate things by accident when we was your age you just all the sudden went from not talking to full conversations without the transition in between. I can sit and have lunch with you and carry on a long, detailed conversation like old friends would. I love not just being your mommy but being your friend too. I hope we are always close as you grow up and become your own leading lady.


4 thoughts on “Letters to Him & Her ~ #36”

  1. So lovely to hear B is doing well at school. I think this half term has definitely been better in our house. Z still asks for the odd day off but once he’s there he loves it and is full of stories. I love MMs style, so so funky . It sounds like you have a wonderful chatterbox on your hands!

    • She will put any pattern together I swear. I fear what she will dress herself in when I let her go all out on her own. lol B is loving it but he gets really tired when he gets in from school always falls asleep in the car ride home.

  2. Oh my goodness, look at MM’s little hat and scarf! Just so gorgeous. Your two are both growing into beautiful children Jenny. Lovely post. x


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