Vlogging challenge, reading more and baking fail #littleloves

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It’s the last weekend of half term before we jump back into school drop offs/ pick ups and the many classes and activities the kids get up to. Just call me Mom Bus but I love it. I love a routine as much as the kids do. This week has been a funny half term with us. We have spent 50% of it in waiting rooms unfortunately. I never like B to miss school with the many check ups he has so I save them for half term if we are staying home. We have been to eye doctors and got possible news that his eye that was getting worse rapidly had levelled off and staying put which is great news. We have had asthma reviews and B is responding great to steroid inhaler that we went down a dosage. Then we had blood test at the hospital and he was so brave even better than Mommy with it. I couldn’t be more proud and relieved that all positive news from it all. I just hope the test results make it a hat-trick of good news. While that all sounds boring and not fun we did squeeze in a trip to SeaLife just me and my eldest for some one on one, quality time together. 

This half term I have also been working on MM’s big girl bedroom. I am just trying to make a decision on what kind of bed I want her to move into whether or not to repaint it. So many decisions going into it. But I made way with a few big girl bedroom accessories and loving it all coming together in time for her third birthday. Can’t believe how fast she is growing up.

Making a big girl bedroom with Great Little Trading Company


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I have scooped up a book during my recent Tesco shop called “Behind Closed Doors” as well as borrowed a few from our lovely #Littleloves host when I was babysitting last weekend off her growing library shelf. She is the best at finding those good reads so definitely check out her recommendations on her blog. But for now, I have just started reading my grocery book as B calls them….I will let you know what I think. I am trying to make myself read a book a week. Hopeful but I like to aim high.


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I heard Suits Season five is back on and I can’t wait to dive into it. One of my favorite shows. Sadly I missed the first four episodes of Scandal when it came back on and waiting for it to show up somewhere so I can catch up on that one too. For the time being we have been watching Breaking Bad, good show, but moves slow. Other than that the country music has been blaring out the stereo this week as the kids love to have a good dance and sing off during the day.

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I have gave myself a challenge of vlogging once a week about something. I know, I aim high. It doesn’t matter if it’s a talking vlog or glimpse of a day out but I think I need the practice both videoing and editing so here I go. This week, I captured B and I on our mother / son day out. Any suggestions of videos you want to see here, shout out in the comments below.

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While I am normally snapping up my wardrobe on my instagram and sharing it with you all each day of the week. It’s half term and I am going to be honest I have been in yoga pants for most of it and my cleaning clothes on too. It’s been more about getting things done, running from here to there, than even brushing my hair. Don’t worry teeth still got brushed daily. To be honest, I haven’t had a moment to spare to capture what I am wearing. Either way, I am still rocking my stripes or baggy t-shirts, ripped skinny jeans, and statement necklaces. It’s quickly becoming my signature wardrobe I think.


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We had a baking day today, as I am trying to share some of our egg free recipes and the kids have been begging me to bake something. It’s gloomy out so I thought why not. Well, even though we had a blast doing it, the cookies didn’t come out as beautiful and yummy as expected. That’s call reality when baking with toddlers your attention is off the recipe and constantly on the children.

First hiccup was when we rolled all the dough out nicely into balls and pressed with a glass bottom to come to find out the camera stopped videoing after two seconds no idea why. So we lost most of our fun part of the cookie making vlog. Vlog fail on the first week of my challenge.

Second hiccup came when the doorbell rang than the phone rang then we tried to capture us all in our matching new aprons to find out the timer didn’t start and cookies burnt.

Third hiccup came when we were making frosting and MM added a huge portion of milk to the very last bit of powdered sugar and butter when I wasn’t looking so we tried to make the frosting recipe work but it came out runny and sickly. So these aren’t the beautifully styled cookies I was after but either way we had such a great time making a mess. The kids thought they tasted great which always makes me feel better. They are none the wiser! My cookie, may have went into the trash with the rest of them. So much for making Grandma an Easter treat! Oops. There is always tomorrow. 


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It was a lovely sunny day for once so when Daddy got home from work this week we jumped at the chance to go to our favorite park and feed the ducks. The kids love going to the park and exploring the grounds. We have so much to do there too. I just wish it was nice like this more often. It’s funny how just a little sunshine can really make you feel so much better. My little king and queen here had a blast despite how freezing cold it was outside. It was a great family morning at the park.


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9 thoughts on “Vlogging challenge, reading more and baking fail #littleloves”

  1. I love that big necklace of yours, whenever I see it I mean to invest in some nice statement necklaces to liven up my outfits. I can’t wait to see what MM’s room looks like, I love how you style the rooms in your house. I so need you to come style mine, I’m fed up of the wall colours and curtains that were left by the owner of our rented house and want to put my stamp on the place but I’m so not good at putting rooms together like you are. Glad everything is going well with B’s check ups, he’s such a brave little boy with all those appointments bless him. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Ah I’m so glad things have been going well with the hospital appointments. We also go to the eye hospital regularly with my eldest and she starts school in September. I’d never thought about booking all the appointments in half term, I’ll have to put some thought into that. I love that you went to the park spontaneously when your hubby finished work too, we need to do more of this, making the most of the evenings is so important and something I’m not much good at.x

    • Oh yes it’s nice when the lighter nights we do as much as possible when hubby gets in as we don’t always have the weekend to get it all done and play too. Yes it’s a nightmare to get after school appts for anything they are always all booked.

  3. So glad that your appointments gave such positive news for you. Love your video clip of your day out with B. Love the Sealife at the Trafford Centre, and totally agree that it is nice to have one on one with each child. Can’t wait to see what you do with MM big girls room. Have a great week Jenny #littleloves x

  4. We’ve had such a nice half term but will also be glad to back into all the routine again. Glad you’ve had fun! You know I love your style, looking gorgeous as always! xx 🙂

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