Let there be light #lifecloseup

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:30 am

It’s Sunday night, half term is officially over and tomorrow brings routines back into most of our lives. For those that have younger children or no children it might mean back to work or school routines too. Either way, Monday is almost upon us and I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I have been being lazy this weekend which is a rarity for me and pouring over all the amazing “light” on instagram. Whilst it’s been dark and dingy today the light pouring from feeds across the world have made me smile. I love instagram for that!

I started the instagram community #lifecloseup to bring together a lovely group of instagrammers as well as get more to capture the little details of life. The things that we, as busy worker bees, don’t slow down and zoom in on whether that be our morning coffee, a book, a vase of flowers, a baby sleeping, an outfit, or just something intriguing. I am at fault more than most let these tiny lovely things we take for granted slip by me. This beautiful community really has made me slow down a lot and realize all this. I hope you will join me in sharing some love for these amazing #lifecloseup favorites this week, their feeds are full of light and beauty. 

THIS WEEK’S FAVORITE INSTAGRAMMERS FOR #LIFECLOSEUP:let there be light #lifecloseup an instagram community




I have been up to all sorts this week with the kids for half term. Although I am ready to get back into routines and school/work schedules again. We have been baking and redecorating and spending quality time one on one with the kids too. It’s been lovely just chilling out. I even have read some amazing books this week and giving myself a break too. While the weather has been absolutely freezing we did even get a sunny park day in there too. Here are some of my favorite zoomed in captures this week.

MY FAVORITE CAPTURES THIS WEEK FOR #LIFECLOSEUP:let there be light #lifecloseup an instagram community

I would love you to come join me and hundreds of others in sharing your zoomed in captures on instagram with #lifecloseup. You could see your photo featured here soon. All zoomed in captures are welcome and it’s a lovely community to get to know other amazing instagrammers. Just click below to follow me or just follow the hashtag #lifecloseup to join in! 

Let’s get snapping! 

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  1. Hi Jenny, this sounds like a lovely IG community, I’m late to the party but will be nice to join in. I hope you had a lovely half-term. We nearly all had flu, me included, so been a wash-out, but onwards and upwards! Hope you’re all well – you all look blooming in the photos above! xx


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