5 Tips to choosing the perfect bathroom suite

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Over three years ago we moved into our very first home together as husband and wife. I was so excited to be able to choose what I wanted in our new home from the tiles to the carpet to the bathroom suites. At the time I was 9 months pregnant and ready to have my son. Not a good choice to being moving house and picking out carpets and furniture so close to my due date but it happened. What I didn’t plan for was the things I was choosing while hormonal and overtired were things I might not love so much or were not as practical as I thought when I choose them.

We are three and half years down the road and two kids later and I can tell you a few hundred mistakes I choose most namely were the bathrooms! We have four in this house and out of four, I chose not so well in three of them. I have impractical wet room hazards with my toddlers, and a tub too deep and sliding shower doors that are impossible to clean in the grooves because I choose things that looked nice but were not what I needed for our family. Now, every family, person and house is different and it will need different bathroom suites for that practical combination so I put together a handy list of five tips to choosing the perfect bathroom suite so you don’t make the same mistakes I did!

Bella Bathrooms 5 Tips to choosing a bathroom suite

1. Decide what style of bathroom you want!
There are numerous styles to choose from like modern square, or fancy victorian or if you are little bit country. Your choices are endless. Which one suits you and your needs is a whole different question. Ask yourself, “do you want it to match the rest of the house or stand on it’s own with a bold statement?” When you decide what style you want it makes the rest of the decisions a lot easier because it will eliminate what you don’t want.

2. Know your space measurements!
You might have a smaller bathroom and fall in love with a deep victorian tub. Knowing your bathroom measurements and what will and won’t fit can save you a lot of upset and money. The last thing you want is to order your dream bathroom suite and realize it doesn’t fit in your bathroom and have to start all over again, disappointed. Bella Bathrooms 5 Tips to choosing a bathroom suite
3. Make a budget plan!
Never go shopping for your home without a budget or you will be setting yourself up for unnecessary stress. Make a budget plan and stick as close to it as you can especially if you are doing more than just your bathroom up.

4. Use logic!
Wet rooms look the part and I made this mistake I didn’t think in terms of two toddlers running in and out of my bathroom. Wet room shower glass sides can be dangerous for kids as well as the amount of water that builds up on the floor. Floating sinks with no pedestal underneath can become highly dangerous swinging devices for kids. A deep tub can be hard to get into if you have bad knees or if it’s for the elderly. Think in terms of who will be using it on a daily basis and how they will be using it! I have modern toilets and didn’t think of their heavy lids slamming down as we were used to slow closing ones in our old house. Needless to say Mr P and I have cracked two toilet seats already and broke one hinge on the third letting them slam down without thought. Logic goes a long way and could save you pennies in the long run. Bella Bathrooms 5 Tips to choosing a bathroom suite

5. Think of the future!
You may be a single bachelor now but what if you met ‘the one’ next week! Maybe his and her sinks isn’t such a bad call or possibly kids for the future you might need that tub after all! Main point here is if you sell your house a house with a tub sells better than a house without one. If you have room and only one bathroom I would suggest a tub/shower combination. 

I only wish I had thought of these five tips when I was choosing my bathrooms suites in my house. It’s easy to hop online and pick out the trendiest or most modern sleek bathroom suite you can find and those might just be perfect styles for you but make sure you think it through each step of the way with these five tips for choosing a perfect bathroom suite in mind!

Happy bathroom shopping!

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4 thoughts on “5 Tips to choosing the perfect bathroom suite”

  1. We’re looking to get an extension later this year and part of that will be a shower room downstairs. These are great tips and definitely something I’ll be reading again when it comes to planning ours! x

    • Glad to help. We made all the wrong decisions at first for the wrong reasons so it’s good I can share my experience and save someone else heart ache and headache. Hahaha

  2. Fab tips, our ensuite wet room doesn’t have any glass though-it’s all open plan and the kids love to get in it, I’m not a fan and luckily have my own bathroom and the boys, all three of them 😉 love a joint shower. I wash my hair in my own shower but nothing beats a long soak in the bath. I love making a feature out of toilets and bathrooms, my downstairs loo has a gorgeous vintage mirror in it, my favourite candles out of reach and a bonzai tree! Fab tips here and love the imagery. My Aunt has my dream bathroom with a stand alone bath in the centre, it’s magnificient x


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