6 Updates for the Perfect Modern Bathroom

Last updated on June 20th, 2024 at 10:01 pm

Bathrooms seem like pretty simple spaces. You need them for some of the most essential and basic parts of your day, but they don’t necessarily have to be anything fancy. However, since we spend so much time in them, it makes sense that they should be a bit more enjoyable. When your bathroom does more than just meet your very basic needs, it can be a much better room that you actually look forward to using.

If you want to improve your bathroom, modernizing it could be the key to falling in love with it. There are lots of ways to create a more modern bathroom, including using technology to add new features. Try the following updates if you want to upgrade your bathroom and make it perfectly modern.

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Upgrade Your Toilet

Toilet, throne, john—whatever you call it, we all spend a lot of time using it. It’s a fact of life. You might not spend a lot of time thinking about it, but there are always ways you can improve your experience of using the facilities. You could upgrade your existing toilet, maybe by adding a heated seat, but it’s worth considering a new toilet too. If given the choice of an ordinary toilet or a fancy Japanese toilet with a built-in bidet function, which toilet would you choose? There are lots of great options and even some really high-tech toilets that do just about anything you could ask them to do.

Install a Smart Shower

Everything is becoming smarter, including many things in your bathroom. Showers are one of the things benefitting from the smart treatment. They offer all the benefits of digital showers with the added benefit of having voice and app control. If you’re making your home smart, a smart shower is an excellent addition. It can allow you to adjust your shower to the perfect temperature and you can also get features that help you to save water. Many smart showers work with home assistants like Amazon Alexa, so you can use them in the same way as your other smart devices.

Get an Interactive Mirror

It might not be a bathroom necessity, but an interactive mirror can definitely add to the feeling of luxury and functionality in your bathroom. A bathroom mirror is a must anyway, so why not upgrade it to make it more high-tech? Interactive LED mirrors can give you additional features to enhance your morning (or nighttime) routine. They can display information about the date and weather, news, appointments and reminders, and more. You can connect them to smart devices too and ask questions or give commands. And, of course, they work as normal mirrors too.

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Make Your Lights Smarter

If you want to start creating a smart home but don’t know where to start, smart lights are one of the easiest options. It’s easy to swap your current bulbs for smart ones or to install smart light fixtures. And it’s an excellent feature to have in your bathroom when you want to have full control of the lights. You can dim them for a relaxing bath, whether it’s for yourself or your kids, turn them up when you’re putting on makeup, or make sure they go on and off automatically.

Warm Up Your Floors

Underfloor heating is a wonderful feature to add to your bathroom. Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Not only does it keep your feet warm on the bathroom tiles, but it also warms up the whole room. Underfloor heating can also become part of a smart home, connecting to your smart thermostat. As well as underfloor heating that uses hot water, there’s also the option of radiant floor heating, which uses thermal radiation to heat the room. Have a browse of this guide to look into the cost of bathroom underfloor heating and decide if it’s the heating solution for you.

Update Your Tub

A new tub is also a great way to update your bathroom and make it more modern. While you could just stick with a traditional tub, there are also more modern options that you might like. For example, a floatation tub can provide a truly relaxing experience. These tubs are designed to allow you to float fully for a weightless bath. For a slightly more affordable option, you might want to consider a soaking tub, which allows you to completely submerge yourself instead of floating. A long bath can be the key to helping you unwind, and these tubs are great options.

Create the perfect modern bathroom with these upgrades that could help you to fall in love with your bathroom.


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