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There are moments in our lives that are hard to stay motivated. Whether we have been on a good run and can’t keep the motivation going or we can’t find the motivation in the first place. Motivation is a funny old thing to think about but it’s constantly on my mind. I am always worrying am I motivated enough to get x, y, and z accomplished but also am I showing my kids what good motivation skills are too? Am I a good example to them to always strive higher and working harder for the things we want in our life? Yet, even the most ambitious must have days where they lack motivation too, right? Please tell me I am not the only one?

One of the biggest things I told myself going into 2017 is that I will have more motivation on a daily basis. I will push myself that little bit further but in a positive way. Last year, was a hard year and I have learned so much from it. I wasn’t the best at being kind to myself at the time either. I completely put my motivation on a back burner which didn’t help anyone. In hindsight, I was a bad example to myself, to my kids, to my family. I am not going to let this year be the same. My endless system of lists are coming back in full force and my motivation is at the front of my mind again. 

I want to be the family that goes outside come rain or shine. I want to be the family that has as much fun and memories laughing in muddy puddles are we do on sunny bike rides. I don’t want my kids growing up thinking just because it’s bad weather outside means we need to sit and watch the ipad all day. There are days for that don’t get me wrong but we had a few too many lately. I used to be so good at monitoring how much tv or ipad time they had and somewhere last year it went out the window. I want my kids to love the outdoors and have more childhood memories outside than they do inside. 

Playdates have been a huge motivation for us too. While Daddy is golfing on Saturdays, we can schedule outdoor playdates with friends. We have been doing this a lot lately seeing friends and visiting their parks and places nearer to them for change. I absolutely love it. The kids have new places to explore and new friends to do it with them too. 

Last weekend we went to a lovely park and met up with KA from Life as Our Little Family with gorgeous Lil G in tow. The kids hit it off so well right from the start just as KA and I had done when we met. We truly had such a great time with them all day. I have to say it really put in perspective how valuable good friendships are. We laughed so much and I felt so happy and comfortable hanging out with them. It’s amazing hours after we had left my kids were still talking about how much fun they had with Lil G and when could they see him again. I love that. We can’t wait to do it again soon.

Sometimes we can get bored of the same park (even though it’s lovely) for the millionth time and the same bike ride paths and the same family swim time. While all these hold so many lovely memories for me, we like to explore further than our comfort zone too. I started a list for the many places we could go and friends we could visit along the way for 2017. It doesn’t have to be big days out just meet up and have fun exploring together. 

I know when I am at my best, I am happiest and a better mother, wife, friend for it too. I also know that my kids are happier when I am happy. So this year is the year for motivation for me. I hope you will help me keep my promise to myself throughout the year too.

How do you stay motivated? I would love to know any tips, tricks, or advice, please comment below. I want this year to be one I look back and am proud of with my lovely family in tow and the friends that I am so grateful to have in my life.  

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7 thoughts on “Motivation and Friends”

  1. Lovely photos and so glad you had a nice time and some days do put it into perspective don’t they? I’m not good at motivation and especially blogging at the moment is hard because I don’t ‘know’ anyone who really gets it so good friends definitely help it sounds like you are definitely getting there. X

  2. Oh Jenny I love this so much. I totally get where you are coming from. I’ve had a tough couple of years and I’m determined that 2017 will the year it all changes. I have moments where I’m on track and doing it, but then something happens and I feel it slipping. I’m so pleased you are on track and so lovely to meet up with friends. X #theordinarymoments

  3. Motivation is so hard to find in January so I think you have done well for the start of the year. Its a great goal to have! I too am a list maker and I find planning and small goals each week, along with lists certainly help me keep on task… Gorgeous pics and a lovely day with blogger mates! x #ordinarymoments

  4. I really need to get more motivation this year. I have really been lacking in motivation because of our building work at home. But, as soon as it’s done we’ll be getting out and about so much more! x

    • It doesn’t ever sound or look like you ever lack motivation or anything girl. House renovating, linkies, blog posts, running facebook groups on social media everywhere you are everywhere all the time hahaha Some kind of super power energy do share it with us all. lol

  5. The photos of Lil G with your two are so cute, looks like they had a lot of fun together. I think sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself when it feels like there is already so much going on. We realised last year that we weren’t getting out enough as everytime we tried to leave the house Lucas would moan about going out – we’d let too much go and left the TV on too much etc. Sometimes it feels like too much effort but we always feel better for getting out. I like the idea of keeping a list of places to go, I’m going to start one for us. I hope this year is a better one for you Jenny xx

    • I know what you mean Hayley we are guilty of the same thing. It’s easy to do it the easy way. But we always feel better for it when we do get out and it’s rewards of fresh air do us all so much better for our moods too. Add it to your bullet journal it’s great to have one for big trips and one for days out locally too.


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