The Siblings Project {April 2017}

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April has been kind to us, this year. The sun has come out on weekends and for the Easter holidays just in time for our trip to Ireland. We visit my husband’s family every year for Easter to catch up with cousins, aunts and uncles and even the next generation of second cousins. Our kids are the same age as all the second cousins so we get them together to make new memories and bond. It’s 6 kids under 5 years old which can get wild but so amazing to watch. This year has been my favorite to watch them because they are all older now, talking, comparing, and sharing their own stories, cultures, and information. Ireland already holds so many memories for us too.

We love visiting new places as much as visiting our favorite spots like here at Fore Castle. It’s where my husband’s Grandmother grew up, right on this very street and went to school and than his mother. I love hearing family stories about this place. It’s so relaxing strolling along the grounds and taking the scenic walk they now have around the castle. A place that I look forward to visiting. We always play hide and seek in the castle with the kids and they love talking to the cows in the fields that surround it. The kids have been brilliant on our trip this year. I always find that little bit older in age helps a lot when you are road tripping around Ireland. They have more patiences and routines can be slightly out of whack without too much damage done. 

The Siblings Project April 2017 sibling portrait project photography

The Siblings Project April 2017 sibling portrait project photography The Siblings Project April 2017 sibling portrait project photography The Siblings Project April 2017 sibling portrait project photography The Siblings Project April 2017 sibling portrait project photography TOGETHER THEY ARE LOVING…

 Playing hard in the Irish fields with their cousins.

Exploring new places with Mommy and Daddy (Granny too) in Ireland.

The sunny Easter holidays.

Being out of school.

Getting excited for our new garden.

Riding the ferry to Ireland. 

Sunny weekends at the park on their scooters.

Playing hide and seek at Fore Castle. 

The Siblings Project April 2017 sibling portrait project photography The Siblings Project April 2017 sibling portrait project photographyThe Siblings Project April 2017 sibling portrait project photography

We have been cutting down on Ipad time and never turn the tv on anymore. The kids have really benefitted from it. I think I got into a routine of my own, giving them the ipad when we all needed some chill out, quiet time. I am trying to be more creative by having them color, paint, play with kynetic sand, playdoh, read or play with their toys in their bedrooms when we all need that quiet time instead. It’s helped there is no tv and wifi really here in Ireland where we stay, it’s the middle of the country. Every night before bed you can catch up all playing soccer in the front garden and the kids are fast asleep soon after a good shower. They are growing up so fast I can’t believe it. Lately, I feel like I can actually see the little changes happening on a big scale.  I am so grateful I recognize that I need to slow down and take in all the little moments here on my blog to cherish their youth. They are only young once and only for a short while.


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12 thoughts on “The Siblings Project {April 2017}”

  1. Having screen-free time makes such a difference doesn’t it? Always lovely to have time with cousins – my girls have been spending time with theirs over the last couple of weeks and I love seeing them all having fun together. Beautiful photos as always 🙂 #siblingsproject

    • Oh that’s wonderful news. I wish we could have all the cousins together way more. Once a year just isn’t enough. I grew up with my cousins like they were my siblings just down the road. I always wanted that for my kids. But having all my family in America and hubby’s in Ireland once a year for both sides will have to be enough bless. Always makes those visits that much more special though too!

    • I totally agree. We just hid the ipads away and they never watched tv anyways so it’s been total bliss this easter holidays without them. They have been doing so much more outdoors which is always better for everyone.

  2. Such gorgeous photos 🙂 I’m trying to cut down on screen time for my two too, they have so many toys but hardly play with them as they always ask to watch tv or the iPad.

    • Thank you so much lovely. It’s been amazing just hiding the ipads away and them not even asking for them now. It’s amazing how out of sight, out of mind works. I just say go play with a toy for a bit and then hide them and they haven’t come back to ask for them again. Brilliant.

    • This is just it they haven’t really asked as much for it and are using their imagination more to do other fun things that kids should be doing. Their attitudes are way better away from the screen. It was an amazing trip. I need to write about it and get our video up too. Need more hours in the day.


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