The Siblings Project {March 2017}

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It’s been a great start to March for these two monkeys of mine. I haven’t be able to say that in a long time and it feels great! The sun has been shining for us showcasing promises of a good Spring ahead. The kids have been scooting around like little whizzes on their scooters together. It only took MM a few tries on her new scooter like her brother’s to figure out how to go fast. Man, do those things go fast. We have helmets and guards on order, I couldn’t believe it. Even I hopped on one and went flying. March has been kind to us after a long few dragged months behind us. I think it’s going to be our best one yet. We have been getting out so much more this year and putting away those pesky ipads. We have been crafting more too and just getting more creative with things outdoors. Even after dinner going for family walks which has been so refreshing. I can feel the difference in the kids behavior so much. 
These two have been getting into some great conversations. MM is getting older and about to start school so she is full of questions about it. B is right there to tell her the ropes, secrets and adventures about reception at school. I love listening to them get so detailed in their conversations. Sometimes I wish I could record them to share with you all. They can get far fetch and hilarious in minutes. Other times, serious and concerned for each other. 
The competing has started between these two as much as they are best friends, they always have that, “I have to win” attitude. I don’t know where they get it. Actually, I do, my husband and I are nightmares for having to win, competing, and being the best at what we are doing. hahah These kids have no chance. I knew it would start to show up sooner or later. Well, it’s here. When you ask them to have a race, well, you best watch out! One will end in tears or accuse the other of cheating to win. It’s entertaining but also frustrating when you just want to have a nice time at the park. We have constantly say before we get to the park now, no racing. But then I secretly think it’s good for them to learn to lose and motivate the other to do better. It’s in my nature. 
New scooters for racing.
Sunny days at the park.
Playing with Granny and Kinetic Sand.
Sidewalk Chalk creations.
Painting large canvases and sending them to Grandma & Papa.
Making Travel Crafts (Sadly didn’t win #MWMum though).
Spring arriving and not wearing coats.

While my two finally found something that really gets their blood pumping with each other they are still quick to make up. I know it will come more often as they grow up, and things annoying the other. I remember it well with my own siblings when I was growing up. I still feel so grateful to have these two around to entertain us, to be apart of our lives, to remind us how amazing a bond between two siblings is so strong and so lovely to witness. 

Check out our project as we go along. The many ups and downs of sibling life and my two growing up before our very eyes here. We have lots more adventures planned and awaiting to be shared with you all. Stay tuned!

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21 thoughts on “The Siblings Project {March 2017}”

  1. They both look so grown up! March is definitely feeling warmer and brighter, lovely to throw open the back doors for the kids to get out in the fresh air now. So sweet that they’re having chats about school, my two are doing that, too x

    • I know where have my babies gone I can’t believe it. They both just seem way too grown up on me all the sudden. It’s lovely they are teaching each other so much I just like to watch.

  2. Great set of photos. Definitely nice to be out and about without coats, hats, gloves etc. It is hard to know what to do when they’re competitive but it is a life lesson to learn that you win some, you lose some. #siblingsproject

    • Oh thank you so much sweets. It’s so nice to shred those layers off from winter. Definitely a good life lesson to learn as young as possible. lol

    • Thank you so much hun. They had a great time together. Competing and laughing together. It’s all apart of sibling relationship. They have the best inside conversations.

  3. Gorgeous photos – my kids are obsessed with their Micro Scooters at the moment – they can ride them so much easier than their old ones. I love that you can see how close they are in your photos Jenny xx

  4. Gorgeous photos Jenny. Love the last one where they’re both looking directly at you. Looks like you had great weather that day, yay for Spring finally being here! xx

    • Thanks Laura, it’s a never ending battle to get them looking at me these days. They only care what the other one is doing, saying, playing. lol It’s a rare snap. We had great weather but sadly it’s disappeared again.

  5. Lovely to see them scooting around together they do look so grown up. My boys are very competitive too but it’s interesting to see how they stick together when there’s a third wheel! #siblingsproject

  6. Great pictures. I remember the times well when my sister and I used to have little competitions (mainly in the swimming pool to see who could hold their breath the longest when underwater :-)). #siblingsproject

    • Ahh that’s so fun. I used to do this with my siblings too. Great memories. I couldn’t imagine not having siblings. Thanks for your lovely compliments.

    • I know I feel so much better about her going as she is so shy and hard to get involved in groups. But she looks up to him so much I know he will reassure her and she will just want to be like him at school. lol


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