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If there are two things we love most in the world, its definitely having fun together and traveling together as a family. The two pretty much go hand in hand. So as part of our application to become this year’s #MarkWarnerMum we thought that we would show you just how much fun we can have in preparing our Top 10 Travel Must Haves for our family as mini crafters. What is more fun than glueing, cutting, glitter, painting, sewing, and more. I put together what I thought was our travel must haves for the best skiing holiday and my two mini crafters got to work trying to recreate each item to share with you. 

We have never been on a skiing holiday together as a family. It’s always been on our list to experience one day. The kids are at an age now where they want bigger adventures on holidays to explore new things as much as we do. They also are so much more independent now at almost 4 and 6 years old. I think it’s just the very beginning of our holidays abroad becoming more fun and diverse. 

My mini crafters and I would like to present to you our Top 10 Travel Must Haves for a Family Ski Holiday:


As a parent and as a blogger, it’s a given we have to pack our cameras and smartphones. What parent doesn’t like to document their family holidays and those special moments shared with their children? Being a blogger, it’s a must have to also video and snap your adventures to share along the way while you are on holiday. We like to pack extra battery packs and fun things like selfie sticks. There is always room in your case for a selfie stick and they can capture the best moments on a family holiday. I can imagine using it to capture us as well as the stunning views that a ski slope would provide behind us. How cute are the kids’ cardboard mini cameras above? We had so fun cutting them out of cardboard and glueing them together. 


If you travel with children or for long haul flights you will know headphones are a necessity. For long haul flights those little ear headphones are painful to wear for so long and don’t fit into children’s ears (nor mine) very easily. We always make sure to bring our nice padded headphones for the plane ride and for evenings when a little movie on the ipad in our hotel rooms is in order. The kids squealed when I told them we were making their paper headphones out of cupcake liners, glitter, glue, and some ribbon for the cord. I couldn’t even get them to sit still here they were having so much fun with their cupcake headphones. 


As an expat family wherever we go, we have to have our passports. It’s a must by law so it’s a must for us too when we travel. The kids made their own little passport books filling them with all the countries they want to go to someday instead of where they have been. It’s so fun to have a master list for family holidays and check off as you experience them together. We have already crossed of various trip including camping in America, half term in Spain, Easter in Ireland, France and more. We like to add a few new ones each year as we cross a few trips off. This way it keeps our family holidays adventurous and different each and every year. 


You have to pack a lot for a holiday. What to pack will depend on what kind of holiday you are taking whether it’s a beach or a ski holiday. But no matter what type of holiday you are destined for, alway pack lightweight rucksacks or backpacks. It’s great for packing little items you need right by you on the plane or in the car ride. It’s especially needed for days out to put snacks and drinks in and not be carrying around a heavy bag. These little fabric sewn totes are so light the kids can even carry their own things like their activities books, snacks, and favorite toys for traveling. It teaches them a little responsibilities on the way and can easily fold up into your case for later use. The totes are so easy to make to from scraps of fabric you have from previous project. We never throw anything away that can possibly be used for the another project in this house. 


While I didn’t put it as number one and it is most likely a huge given already, it wouldn’t be a grand experience for a family skiing holiday if I didn’t actually have my family in tow with me. These two monkeys make me laugh, make me cry, make me smile and make the best family memories I could ever ask for. They are what makes our holidays so amazing. I envision us having snowball fights, building a snowman and definitely a few snow angels in between skiing and sipping hot chocolate together. I did contemplate making two paper cutouts of them for the craft side of this section but the real thing is so much better in this case!


Sunglasses you ask? Why, yes whether you are on a beach or on the slopes they are still a huge necessity. Do you know how bright that sun can be shining off snow? Let me tell you from my childhood, it’s blinding! They keep our eyes protected so we can see where to put down our ski poles in hand and where we are going. I envision after a few ski lessons and hitting the slopes we will come off in style with our shades on. The kids thought that we should definitely have bright sunglasses for a must have item. They got the markers out to show you just how bright they thought they should be. 


There isn’t a holiday that doesn’t require sunblock/sunscreen. While on a skiing trip we may not need it all over our bodies like a beach holiday would require but on our cheeks and noses are still in need of a little protection. After all, on a mountain we are definitely closer to the sun than on a beach. We got to recycle our toilet paper roll and some cardboard with paint to create their craft copies of our travel size sunblock and sun stick. By this time the kids were so giddy for a skiing holiday they could hardly sit still. (Hence the blurry movements hahaha).


Of course, a skiing holiday is nothing with out holiday gear. Just like you would need a swim suit packed for the beach, you definitely have things you need packed for a ski trip including snow boots/ski boots. My mini crafters picked out some funky patterns for their snow boots here.  They went with some trendy miss matching fabrics to boot. (pun intended). With a little white ribbon holding the fabric in place we created some snazzy ski boots. I must say, wouldn’t everyone be jealous of these on the mountain? Of course, skiing takes a bit more holiday gear than just boots but it’s a travel must to make sure you have the right holiday gear you need for your travels.


There isn’t a holiday we don’t take a little travel guidance with us. Whether it’s print outs from the website where we are staying or the town/city we are visiting to actual travel guides and travel books to showcase the latest and greatest places to eat, visit, play, experience, and attend to. I love being organized on my holidays and make up a preplanned trip. That way we don’t miss anything, we know where we are going, and what we want to do together. No wasted time is a great must have for me and it keeps the kids busy too. You wouldn’t hear, “I’m bored” on any of our family holidays. But don’t worry we schedule slots for spontaneous things we might see that weren’t on our list too. I have create some travel posts to help guide others too, traveling with children including First Hotel Stays With Children, Planning Family Cruises, How to Budget and Plan a Year of Family Holidays and much more. We would definitely plan our ski trip the same with print outs of activities, ski lessons, clubs, dining options and more. Maybe even a list for Mommy and Daddy to hit a spa while the kids have fun in their clubs together. Nothing wrong with the kids doing a little bit of their own thing together while we do the same. It gives us something to talk about and share when we reunite at dinner time. 


But let’s face it, nothing is more of a “TRAVEL MUST HAVE” for a family ski trip than ….. SNOW! Without the appropriate weather, skiing isn’t feasible. I doubt our skis would work as good on a grass hillside nor would our snowman exist nor our snow angels either. It’s the most important part because it’s what makes the holiday a skiing holiday. Look above, the kids are having a blast in our make believe snow storm, having only ever seen the snow once in their lives I know they would be absolutely mesmerized by it.  

Who would have thought how much fun one family could have with two mini crafters and a list of travel must haves? 

To recap…

As you can see my mini crafters did an amazing job on reproducing all my Top 10 Travel Must Haves for a family ski holiday. We made a whole weekend of crafts out of these projects. The kids were excited to be covered in glitter, glue, fabric, and cotton balls for snow. I can’t ever remember making so many different types of crafts all together in one go but boy, did we enjoy it. This has been such a fab project for our entry to become a #markwarnermum. Fingers crossed, Mark Warner Holidays thinks so too! 

Check out some of our family travel and adventure videos and even a trip to Portugal to see if a Family Villa is something we want to add to our list for the future. 

“What is your Top 10 Travel Must Haves?”

22 thoughts on “Top 10 Travel Must Haves by my Mini Crafters #MarkWarnerMum”

  1. This is such a cute entry! I love it. Your children always look so happy. You’d be a great Mark Warner Mum! xx

    • Oh thank you ever so much. There have been so many great entries I can’t imagine how hard it is to pick them. We have applied a few years running now so hopefully our fun weekend of holiday crafting pushes us there this time. LOL 🙂

  2. Jenny I love this! It’s so creative – you’d be such a great ambassador for them! I’d love to enter – but I don’t think I’m creative enough haha. 😉 Good luck lovely lady! xx

  3. I LOVE this Jenny – by far one of my favourite entries I’ve seen yet. I’m sure the fab team at MW will love this- so creative and it’s nice how Involved the kids have been too. Your lovely family would be great ambassadors. Good luck lovely xxx

  4. And this is the reason why I don’t even bother entering because there are so many creative bloggers out there like you. This is brilliant. I hope you will make it. Good luck. X

  5. This is so adorable Jenny! I love all the effort you have gone to and you must have had so much fun, look at all those smiles. You guys would be such wonderful ambassadors, would be so nice to see you win, good luck!

  6. What a fab entry Jenny. I love the pictures of the kiddies too you have come up with such a lovely post. You would be perfect. I would love to see you win lovely. Wishing you all the luck xxx

    • It sounds like they are always the most amazing holidays so fingers crossed third year in a row applying is a lucky one. We had the best fun making all the crafts too. The kids are still playing holiday.

    • Oh Tracey thank you ever so much lovely. We will need it so many amazing entries each year maybe third year is a charm! lol We had a blast the kids are still playing travel with their crafts too.

    • Oh no that sounds awful can’t imagine paying and planning all that to have no snow. Grr mother nature. I hope that never happens to us if we ever get to go on one. They always look like the best time ever.

  7. Hey Jenny!
    Love this post! Couldn’t agree more on your travel must haves. Although, you need to get it ready on time. I feel that another must have is to be connected with a trustworthy passport service agency. I’ve had such bad experiences but everything got sorted when I came across . They were really helpful when I was in trouble.Thankfully, I got my passport on the other day only. 🙂


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