Redecorating “again”, our travel curse, and some exciting news #littleloves

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:21 am

I know that many of you will curse me when I say this but as you are reading this we are off to Marbella, Spain. Yes, I did phrase that two weeks ago about France but we are trying to see all our friends and traveling a lot before MM turns two and B is in school. I have also mentioned “our curse” on this family and if you don’t know it’s the illness curse where as soon as I book a holiday both my children will wait until the day before we leave to start vomiting and coughing their heads off. We haven’t had the best of luck with weather on our last few holidays either. Spain isn’t looking any different with MM vomiting all night Wednesday night and Thursday morning. B woke up with a horrible cough too. I need a miracle to make these two perk up for our trip. This is our last one besides our two months in American this summer at my parents for the whole year so we really want to make the most of it.

This week with illnesses, work and packing has been absolutely busy. B had some great news and passed his hearing test which was great news to us as he failed his last one. With his allergies and eye sight getting worse we were celebrating huge for something to go right this time.


With my week off it was blog catch up time this week. I have read wait for it… 350 blog posts this week. Phew, just typing that makes me tired. I stayed up way too late trying to catch up on my favorites as well as all the amazing linkers on Share With Me which hit a record for link ups. I have tried to read a few new books that I have bought and totally wasted my money on as they weren’t any good. I think I just have fallen in love with blog reading and my book reading will have to wait till summer in the states. I love a variety of blogs for so many different reasons. At the moment as I redecorate my office, my back living room, B’s room and the spare room there are a lot of changing going on in the LTM house and so these home interior bloggers have been taking up my time for inspiration.

Apartment Apothecary – Bedroom Makeover  

The Ordinary Lovely – Styling the Seasons Coffee Corner

Wild & Grizzly – Interior Tips for Homes that Grow With You


Bloggers Insight is coming up next week on my YouTube channel, this month I have the lovely Colette from We’re Going on an Advenutre sharing her advice, tips and experiences with blog reviews! Do hope you will pop over and if you like it don’t forget to give a thumbs up! You can catch more “Bloggers Insight” interviews here.


Nashville has just started up again and boy did they not hold back in the first two episodes already. I was literally glued to my tv like a true fan. I love me some country music and the music just keeps getting better and better each time. I must buy the cd soon!


I finally found a kaftan that I like for Spain. At this age I need a few more in my wardrobe but I hate the long sleeve ones or the ones that go to the ground too as they just overtake me being so short. Its hard to find one that I like the style and color of. I am also loving my white and rose gold nails ready for the beach this weekend.

redecorating again, our travel curse, and some news #littleloves


A remake of my momma’s potato soup growing up was perfect for the cold weather that enveloped us this week. There is nothing more comforting on a cold night than Chunky Potato Soup. Try it out let me know what you think? The kids love it!

Chunky Potato Soup recipe and white roux sauce oxo good grips frypan

And lastly…

As mentioned I have been redecorating in the LTM house a ton lately. Now, that the kids are getting older and I have more time to really put the final touches on our home. I am adding black and white collage to the back room as we speak. B’s room is almost done. I can’t wait to share all my upcoming home tours with you all.

I have some good news too… no I am not pregnant. Everyone always seems to think I mean babies when I say I have good news. I am very honored to have been asked to be Graham & Brown’s brand ambassador for this year. Their interior products are timeless and have been loved for years. Check out my vintage style moodboard inspired by their Northern Rose wallpaper. I love designing a room from one single piece to the whole picture.


House of Fraser Dickins & Jones multicoloured cushion win giveaway

Speaking of home decor, I have something special for you all too. I am so excited to be hosting a giveaway for House of Fraser for their gorgeous Dickins & Jones multi-colored cushion. I can just imagine this cushion on my own office chair or propped up on the hallway chair inviting my guest in to have a seat.

Enter below and best of luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Would love to be considered for the MAD Blog Awards!

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40 thoughts on “Redecorating “again”, our travel curse, and some exciting news #littleloves”

  1. Oh well done B on the hearing test, that must have been really lovely and a big relief! And hopefully all the bugs will leave you alone and you can finally have a bug free holiday!!

    • Haha thanks Carie. Nope, we actually got it way worse and both kids ended up throwing up and really sick and now we have given it to both their kids. Nightmare holiday luck.

  2. Have a lovely time in Spain! I know what you mean about trying to get the visiting in before school starts. I kind of wish we had done more before my two went to school. And whenever we go away, one of them, mostly Z actually, ends up ill so you aren’t the only one. I hope everyone is feeling better soon! Loving your sandals and that bikini for your holidays! Gorgeous!

  3. I’m on a bit of a blogging fest at the moment too in terms of reading! Sometimes I feel guilty, that I should be reading “proper” books, but oftentimes find that blogs are actually the most inspiring and useful for my every day life! Ave a fabulous time in Spain lovely lady… Hope the sickness bug doesn’t amount to anything!

    • Oh me too. I love finding inspiration for family days out, shopping, recipes and home interiors on blogs where books don’t give you this. Thanks Hun

  4. So lovely to hear B had the all clear. I thought that was the good news, then when I got to the end I was like…. ah, pregnant? haha, but no. Yes, that is great news though too, how exciting for you. Hope everyone gets well soon and the weather is great for your trip xxxx #littleloves

  5. Good news re the hearing test! It must have been a bit of a worry. Thanks for including my little coffee corner in your roundup. So sweet of you. Also, I’m really struggling to find a decent kaftan too. Why do they all have sleeves??! I want one to cover up on holiday so want it to be reasonably cool. I’ll have to keep searching!

  6. 350 blog posts! My golly, lady! That’s amazing! How do you find the time? Here’s hoping you manage to ward off the illness for your trip. That Kaftan is so cute and looks lovely with your nail. Have fun lovely #littleloves x

    • Thank you so much. Yes I know but I have a list of favorites I feel like I want to comment on every post and then my linky Share With Me is always over a 100 right there and I had two of them to catch up on. So it’s been a lot of reading lately. No time for books. lol

  7. Hope they get better for your hols. Sods law isn’t it.
    Good news on your ambassadorship – they’re lovely at G&B, with some gorgeous items. And great that B passed his hearing test.. Bet that’s a relief before he starts school.

    • Thank you. I am cursed with sick kids on holiday. Maybe it’s a way of saying I should just stay home. Thanks I was so relief when she said he was fine especially before school

  8. So glad to find your blog, and it’s a lovely summary of your time 🙂 That kaftan looks luxurious! We’ve got a little bit of travel coming up soon ourselves, too. Looking forward to reading more about your travels and travails 😉

  9. Great blog , its a new find for me , you were recommended by a friend . . I love the look of , and the recipe for your Chunky Potato Soup . It reminds me of my Nan who was fantastic at soups and stews – but hearty ones, she had no time for prissy or pretty . I am still trying to get her lamb stew right though, despite having the recipes she left me . It was clear , almost like a classic Chicken soup , but still with chunks of both the meat and veg . I have got it to an acceptable point , but seem to fail miserably as soon as I attempt the dumplings . I will keep trying though.

    • I am that way with a few of my grandmother’s recipes especially her pie crust. Mine will never be as perfect even though I have her recipe. Must have been her touch that did it.


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