How Your Business Can Keep a Mobile Workforce Connected

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:24 pm

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A mobile workforce may help you to carry out various types of work. You could have engineers traveling and performing jobs. You might have care workers traveling to clients’ homes. Whatever your mobile workers do, there’s one big challenge that you’re likely to be presented with. Keeping your mobile workforce connected to the rest of the business can be tough. They might not be based out of an office or any other workplace, instead traveling straight from their homes to their first job of the day. So how can you ensure they feel like an extension of the business and not something entirely separate?

Ensure Check-ins with Mobile Workers

Getting the balance right between staying in touch with mobile workers and micromanaging them can be difficult. You need to keep an eye on their progress and performance, but you don’t want them to feel like you can’t trust them to work independently. Regular check-ins are an important part of monitoring them. They are not just an opportunity for you to check on them, but also give workers the chance to raise any issues. Checking in at least once a day will help to keep them connected, but be careful not to overdo it.

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Make Workers Feel Valued

Employees need to feel valued, but this can be more challenging to achieve with mobile workers. They’re not working within a set environment where it’s easier to cultivate a certain environment. You need to ensure they feel valued and part of the company even though they’re working out in the field. There could be multiple ways to achieve this. Make sure they are able to communicate effectively and are kept in the loop. Take steps to recognize their achievements so that they feel appreciated. Give them opportunities to provide feedback so that they can help to improve things too.

Use a Mobile App

Technology is extremely helpful for keeping mobile workforces connected, and it’s no longer necessary to rely on walkie-talkies or even just mobile phone calls. Mobile apps can be extremely useful for mobile workers, not just for communication but also to help them carry out their work, keep records, and more. Using field service management software with a mobile app will allow you to stay in touch with mobile workers throughout the day. You can ensure they receive the right instructions, that they can communicate with office staff and that they have the information they need to carry out their work.

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Involve Mobile Workers in Events

When it comes to social events, it’s vital to ensure mobile workers aren’t left out. They might work more independently or in their own teams, but they still need to feel connected to other staff. If you are planning events ranging from after-work drinks to a company Christmas party, it’s important to make sure mobile workers are included. Sometimes this could mean that other employees need a reminder not to forget them.

Mobile workforces can feel disconnected from the rest of the business, but there are ways to keep them in touch.

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