What Are the Three Pillars of Addiction Treatment?

Last updated on June 8th, 2024 at 10:18 am

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When your life is no longer normal due to substance abuse, it may be difficult to know how to get back to “normal” again. Drug addiction treatment can seem daunting, to the point that many addicts don’t even consider it as an option. It can be an intense experience for just about everyone, but addiction therapy is based on the three pillars of addiction treatment that create the foundation of addiction therapy.

Pillar One: The Importance Of Therapy

Before you can start to receive the benefits of residential treatment, you must first understand the importance of therapy. Everyone can benefit from some kind of therapy, whether it’s through formal sessions with a professional or just spending a day at the beach soaking up some sun in peace. Therapy is essential for anyone going through recovery. Substance abuse has a profound effect on the brain that triggers a different way of thinking; this needs to be reset so that the brain can relearn positive interactions and sobriety without relapse.

Even when sobriety is achieved, quality therapy will also focus on aftercare in order to maintain sobriety for the rest of the individual’s life and prevent a relapse.

Pillar Two: Having Support

Whether it’s during the addiction itself or the process of rehab services, it’s always good to have support. Addicts typically feel like they’re always at their lowest and always alone; knowing that they have a support system to help them get through their most difficult times will help them deal with their substance abuse issues. It serves as their safety net when they feel like they can’t do it by themselves anymore.

This support system could be constructed from friends, family members, peer groups, and individuals they meet during therapy. Having a support system will boost confidence, enhance healing, and help solidify the addict’s commitment to getting help.

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Pillar Three: Education

Education is important throughout the entire rehabilitation and healing process. Education can help friends and family members better understand how addiction works and provide better support. The addict can also learn the nuances of their specific addiction and what kind of therapy would work best for them. It’s better to know than to go into therapy blind.

Education will also help the addict move from treatment to aftercare so that they can continue those same treatment options in their own time. They can learn new ways of adapting their behavior to take on new activities and exercise to occupy themselves with.

These three pillars are the foundation of addiction treatment, ensuring that the addict is best equipped to come to terms with their addiction and start seeking the help that they need to start treatment. It will be a difficult journey, but it doesn’t have to be a journey that they endure alone.

Speak to an addiction specialist or professional if you or your loved one has a substance abuse disorder. It could be exactly the help they need to take that first step towards rehab.

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