First Day of School 2018

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first day of school 2018

It was a big change for the school run this year. Their first day of school for 2018 saw B going into Juniors Year Three and MM going into Infants Year Two. This meant that they no longer go in on the same side of the school. They no longer play on the same playground or eat at the same lunch time.

B was so excited to be apart of the big kids. He loves that he gets to play free without his mom hovering over him on the big playground out front of the school. MM isn’t as keen to not have her brother right there to follow around and play with. I foresee her changing a lot this year having to learn to fend for herself and stand on her own two feet in the process.

I was really emotional with them starting this time and I am not sure why. Juniors seems like a big step at such a young age. It doesn’t seem two minutes that it was B running into reception and I am sure it won’t seem like another two when my little baby Grizzle starts reception in four years too. Life seems to be on speed dial all the time.

We have enjoyed such a lovely summer back home in America. We can’t wait to share it all with you and hoped you followed along our many daily adventures over on instagram (stories too). The kids have both thrived in the summer hot sun and fresh mountain air. I am so glad I didn’t sort their uniforms out before we left because it seems they have doubled in size since July too. How does that seem to always happen over summer? It’s only six weeks!

first day of school 2018

B came bursting through the doors to greet me on the new place for parents to wait for the Juniors. I have a few minutes in between both drop offs and pick ups. I seem to have baby brain playing tricks on me as I keep forgetting I need to rush from one door to the next door to retrieve them. It’s becoming a joke on the school playground.

B loves his new teacher which is always a bonus and he says they have some challenging work ahead but he will be fine. I am glad my seven year old is reassuring me. It’s hilarious the way he speaks about the daily ongoings in his class already.

I am so proud of him in all he achieves in his school and I know this year will be just as good as the previous ones. He loves to learn and I hope that is always the case. He loves to read and math is his favorite subject (game to play). He seems the fun in learning still and it’s enlightening that I don’t have to cramp it down his throat. He is happy to do hours of homework if I asked him to at night.

He is back to being the smallest of the classes in Juniors instead of the biggest in Infants and I am keen to see how he will grow and change this year.

She is now on her own. No big brother on the playground to play with and hide behind with his friends. MM will be forced to fend for herself and get on with her own friends. I think it’s going to be the best year for her. I can’t wait to see how she gets on this year and how different it will be for her.

MM says there is no more playing in Year One which is the exact thing B said when he went into it too. I love the shock they get from playing in reception to working in Year One. It’s so good for them to have that transition too. She now has homework like her big brother and sits all proud at the dining table to do it with him before dinner.

This year she has matured a lot more than she had last year in reception. She no longer looks too little to be at school. I guess seeing the new reception kids do that to the year ones. She loves school but still struggles with sitting still and listening in class. I think she is eager to please though so I am keen to see if this changes this year.

She has a bold personality now even though she is still shy. She is still the silly one though. I often wish I was a fly on the wall to see what she is like in the classroom among her friends and teachers.

So there you have it the first day of school 2018 went smoothly with no tears from them (just me but I blame just having a baby). Baby brother already misses them playing with him all day during the week. I daresay my bigger two will be tired come tomorrow for their first whole week back at school and jetlag added on top of it. EEEK. We plan a slow and relaxing weekend ahead.

I normally ask them what they want to be when they grow up on the first day of school each year and it’s been consistent so far…

B said, “I want to be a car engineer” (age 7)

MM said, “I want to be a pet doctor”  (age 5)

Do you have any first day of school traditions? How smart do they look in their new uniforms I love the first day of school and I am so happy they both loved it too.

15 thoughts on “First Day of School 2018”

  1. They look so smart! The small age difference is showing more and more now with MM really growing up.
    So pleased they both seem to be settling in so well into their new school years x

  2. Aaah they look SO grown up Jenny!!!! I can’t believe how much they both seem to have matured. I think that when I look at my boys too — I think the uniforms make them look much older than their years!! So far, so good with mine too. Their first week has gone SO well! Long may it continue 🙂

  3. I am so pleased to hear how excited they are, and look how grown up they are. They both look so big. George is wearing a shirt & tie this year and I think it really makes a difference.

  4. Oh Jenny, they both look so smart and happy to be going into their new school years. I remember when mine started juniors and how grown up it felt. Now they are all at college/sixth form and even the youngest is in year 9 at secondary! Time flies so fast but you’re making the most of it and now have time with your baby. xx

    • Yes I think I just need to have babies forever. lol Sadly no more for us and each milestone will be so exciting and sad at the same time. A chapter closed but looking to a fun filled future with the kids as they get older.

  5. Ah Jenny they look adorable, and you are right time seems to be whizzing by, the juniors will fly by. I still cant believe Jack is working and at college. So glad they had a great day and are excited about the year ahead x

  6. Year 3 is such a big one for them isn’t it. There’s less change in N’s school – same playground, just a different entrance to the cloakroom rather than directly into the classroom. Hope the year goes well for both of yours.

  7. I’m so glad they’ve had a good first couple of days back at school. It’s crazy how much they grow over the summer holidays isn’t it? It sounds like B is going to shine in Year 3 and I’m sure MM will find her way too – her confidence will grow for sure with having to do things for herself. They always look so smiley – it’s wonderful that they both enjoy learning so much.

    • I really hope MM finds her solid ground without her brother for sure. She is getting more independent which is good. B is thriving but comes home now with that little bit more attitude that older kids get. EEK. They have grown up loads in the summer.


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