August Me & Mine Family Project

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:01 pm

We have celebrated summer once again on the westcoast of America where I grew up. Although it was a very emotional and hard one for us adults having my Dad’s funeral and packing up the family home about broke me, my beautiful three kids kept me strong and going. They taught me so much about being in the present moment and cherishing what is right in front of me. I took more time off work than I have ever done during my summer vacation home. Mostly to help my momma out but also to recharge my own batteries. With the verdict of my dizziness from my MRI scans showing that I have a growth on my inner ear and not knowing if it’s operable or not, I left frazzled and sad. It always helps to be home and around family to boost me back up.

I made sure in between the painting, packing and cleaning that each day we were having some sort of fun together and adventure to mark the kid’s summer holidays. We hit the beach frequently even if it was just for an hour or two in passing between meeting up with extended family for celebrations like my niece’s bridal shower and a cousin’s birthday too. I love being home with my kids. Sharing those childhood memories that I had growing up. I am so relieved my mom is staying in the town I grew up in so we can continue to share these amazing summers.

Baby boy grew up so much while we were there. The hot weather, fresh mountain air and 7 weeks for a newborn will do that. hahaha He is twice the size and so different from when we left for America. We arrived with a scrunched up newborn barely able to hold his own head to a bouncing, kicking, giggling, cooing, almost sitting up baby boy coming home. They change so much in the early stages I love watching him. The kids have enjoyed having so much extra time with him while out of school. He will miss them so much next week when they return and I will miss them helping me out so much too. I am back to juggling baby and work on my own come school term time.


Having his family home again on the last day of August.

Going on his big golf trip while we were away.

Living the bachelor life for a few weeks. (He says it does get old after the first weekend) haha



Bringing my mom home with my to the UK.

My summers in America with my kids.

The hot weather in America.



Playing with his friends and cousins at the beach.

Running around Grandma’s new house and her fruit orchard picking pears and peaches.

Turning 7 years old.



Doing gymnastics with her cousin in America.

Making cookies with Grandma.

Canon balls in the swimming pool all summer.



The hot weather since he has been born.

Bonding with his siblings everyday over the summer. (he will miss them so much next week).

Getting so much attention from all his aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma, and mommy. 

Normally we take our August photos in the wheat fields each year after Daddy has returned back to the UK. Sadly, they were cut earlier than I thought and then the smoke from all the forest fires got so bad you couldn’t even see the sky. You can still see the smoke lingering here in the sky but at least you can still see the beautiful mountains here. We had such a great time at this beach, and now that Grandma will live an hour closer to this beach we will be there even more next year. Positive things to look forward to for us all.  Next year, baby boy will be splashing and running around trying to eat sand.

I was so proud of baby boy taking the weather in his stride so gracefully. He is such a good baby and keeps to his routine whether we are out and about or at home. That makes everything so much easier. I feel so blessed for this little trio of mine. I can’t believe I have three kids something I always wanted and feel so so blessed to have now. This summer, I took more time to just soak them up individually and together.

What will next year hold for us? As the kids get older we can do more bigger days out like waterparks, theme parks, city visits, destination hopping and more. I have so many new plans for the next few summers for them to experience. I can’t wait to share them with all of you.

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