Baby Boy is Four Months Old

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:01 pm

Baby 4 month update diary baby milestone

Four months this tiny little one has been apart of the family. In some ways it feels like he has always been apart of our family and he has just slotted in so perfectly. I am finding it hard not to ignore house chores and work and just stare at him all day when he is smiling and cooing at me. It’s definitely a new challenge to have a newborn and working full-time at home and balancing everything that comes with two older ones in school and sports after school. I don’t think there is a day we don’t have to hop in the car at least three times to go somewhere to pick up, drop off and appointment to be at between us all. To say life is full is an understatement but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. He is my world along with the other two.

It seems he has won the hearts of his siblings too. They are totally obsessed with him. They constantly want to hold him, kiss him, play with him to the point of irritation to him and even me sometimes too. It’s adorable the way they dote on him though. I find it’s helpful when he is fussy they are quick to entertain him for me while I make dinner or get a few loads of laundry thrown in. He definitely laps up the attention. I see why with numerous siblings they call the youngest spoiled, there is always someone there to talk and play and be with them. This summer was amazing having them all together at the beginning after he was born. It gave them more time to really connect with him before they went back to school. I think he is missing them already this week.

Four months old seems like he just arrived so I am not sure how we got here so fast. It’s weaning and crawling just around the corner from here. I say it all the time but life just seems to be on speed dial. I always thought growing up it went so slow. I was so wrong.

Baby 4 month update diary baby milestone

Baby boy is still nicknamed for the time being Grizzle/Grizzy because he snores like crazy and grizzles when he eats and gets excited. He is trying his best at sitting up as he hates to be on his back where he can’t be nosy and look around. We got him a bumbo that he absolutely loves sitting in with his siblings around him to passs him toys. He is now grasping toys and pulling them to his mouth. I doubt it will be long to wean him now. I weaned my other two at this age which just seems crazy.

I think because he is my last I am in denial a little on him growing up. I don’t want him to reach each milestone yet. Can I not delay them slightly to keep him younger longer. I know I will be emotional every time he passes one like crawling and walking and talking because that’s it for us, our family is complete and this is the last baby era we’ll be going through. I am cherishing and documenting it as best as I can and as much as I can.

This last time around it’s just baby and I at home during the week. The older two are in school and working from home gives me that extra time with him I am so grateful for. One on one is something I didn’t get with my first two having had them back to back in age. It’s made my last baby time really different and special.

Baby 4 month update diary baby milestone

He is a great sleeper and feeder. I can’t complain at all. I was worried as a few friends joked that the third is always the wild one. Baby boy seems to so far be my easiest baby. He sleeps through the night and has with one feed since three/four weeks old. I tell him thank you every day because this mom needs her sleep. While our breastfeeding journey hasn’t been easy we got through the three months of tough patch and have been doing so much better lately. I battled mastitis/thrush that was resistant to medicine but glad I kept on trying. I wanted to end breastfeeding for my last baby when I choose and on a good note and I hope that is the case. I had such trouble with his sister, I didn’t want that to be the same case again when I know this is my last time to experience such a lovely feeding bond.

He is thriving with his giggles and smiles. Tickling him makes him chuckle so loud that it gives him hiccups which really makes me laugh at him. I love our days out together. This is such a lovely age at four months every day is different and a surprise to see what he will do next.


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  1. The last firsts are the hardest! I was the same with Amy, wanting to keep her little and finding it so bitter sweet as she hit those milestones that I’d been so keen for her brother to hit


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