Love the little things #41

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:29 am

Happy Friday Everyone! Where has the week gone? I swear I say that each week but the weeks are getting busier and busier as the year rolls to an end. I will stop with all that hustle and bustle noise and share with you the #littleloves this week, the small things that have made me smile. 


I finally finished “Big Little Lies” it was such a great read. I love a book that has you hooked and trying to guess the ending was impossible which was even better. I love a shock ending! I highly recommend it. Now, I am just waiting on the arrival of a new book. In the meantime, I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading and have came across some great post this week.

Evaluating Your Blog: Being Forced to Switch Off – Capture by Lucy

The Bad Mums To-Do List – Hurrah for Gin

Marriage is…Hot Buttered Toast – Life at the Little Wood

19 Weeks Pregnant – The Mummy Adventure {I love her creative shirt count}


Last night was the premiere of the new tv drama called “Forever”. Mr P and I sat down to see if it would be one we would continue to watch or like “Leftovers” we watch if nothing else is on but its not a favorite show of ours. We were NOT disappointed. I was hooked from the start and I can already tell its my kind of show. I love the actors in it and it’s one of those shows that has a big story throughout but each episode there is a mini story the starts and finishes. Check out the trailer below! I highly recommend it.



I have a very talented friend that I have mentioned a few times on here, my lovely friend Jo. One of my first friends when I moved to England and I hope a forever friend. She has been a huge supporter of my blog and in everything I do and I can’t thank her enough. I always like to repay her support with love and support to her too. She is a brilliant singer and song writer. No I don’t think brilliant even describes her talents. I was searching for some new songs for videos I am making and I came beyond an old one of her and Westlife. I had to share! This was seven years ago and her talents have only improved more and more over the years. So proud of you, Jo!




I am obsessed with Brogues this Fall. I am not ready for boots just yet but I feel they are the perfect middle between flats and boots.  I scooped these beauties up on discount at Clarks as they were the last pair and had a little mark on the side but not noticeable. I have to say they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever wore and for me that’s a big deal as I never can find shoes that don’t hurt my weird size/shape feet.

Cream Brogues Clarks Shoes


I was ever so excited to come across Wowbutter, a peanut butter substitute. It really does taste the same, look the same, smell the same. For those that don’t know my son is deadly allergic to nuts and for three years I have dreamt of having peanut butter. I was obsessed with it before especially my peanut butter & jelly (jam) sandwiches. Now, I can have it worry free so I have been making all my favorite peanut butter recipes! Check out my No Nuts: Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Bars here! They were delicious.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Bars Free From Nuts

And lastly…

It’s almost Christmas time! Yes, I uttered the ‘C’ word in October, my apologies but to reward all you fab readers for your continual support throughout my first year of blogging I will be hosting giveaways all the way up till Christmas. There will be a lot of fabulous baby & toddler gifts that you could WIN for Christmas presents. So I have made a special “GIVEAWAYS” page check it out here and stop by each week to see more great prizes added! Most importantly THANK YOU all so much for your support!

16 thoughts on “Love the little things #41”

  1. Lovely round up as ever Jenny. Your brogues are super cute. I think I need a new pair, mine are definitely starting to look a bit scuffed.
    I love how different we all are. I watched Forever and didn’t really love it, yet I’m super intrigued by the Leftovers and cannot wait to watch each week! So funny.
    Have a lovely weekend, we really need to put in a coffee date / dinner soon xx

  2. I’m a huge fan of brogues. I have just put away all of my pastel shades and brought out the brown ones and then I may have purchased a new pair at the weekend! He he. This time of year it’s all about brogues and boots for me. The ‘not so’ peanut butter bites look excellent, we are huge peanut butter fans in this house! x

    • You can still make the recipe with normal peanut butter too! It’s yummy and perfect for Christmas. I love brogues too. I have just bought black brown and these cream ones. Obsessed never own a pair before as I was a wear heels all year before I had kids. Not anymore. I am reasonable and I think my feet and back are thanking me. Lol

  3. Oooo those brogues are cute, well done on the discount with those! Your oatmeal bars look lovely.
    I’m after a new TV Drama since The Driver finished so I will check out Forever 🙂 xx

  4. Jenny, this is a little bit random but if you see your friend Jo ask her if she ever went on a Watersports holiday to the south of France when she was at school? Our school went with another school from Bolton and there was a girl called Jo (who sang) and I’m pretty sure her surname was Hindley. It was 20 years ago so I may have it completely wrong, my memories not what is was 😉
    Cute brogues, I’m in the inbetween season shoe dilemma too! Have a lovely week xxx

    • Thanks hunny. I will ask her. she is from Farnworth. But could be the same. Lol small world if so. Thanks love brogues. Then in a month or two it will be all about the boots. Lol

  5. I love your shoes and I especially love your little socks! Your friend has an amazing voice! I absolutely love peanut butter, These no peanut butter oatmeal slices look AMAZING!!

    How can it be christmas so soon already? This year has flown by!

    • You can always use real peanut butter in the recipe too! It’s so yummy. Thank you for your lovely compliments. Yes only 75 or something days till Christmas. Can you believe it. This year has definitely flown by! I can’t get over that it’s October.

  6. I have just watched the trailer and am immediately going to see if I can get it on catch-up, this looks like exactly my kind of program – thanks for sharing 🙂

    Loving your brogues too, they seem to be cropping up a lot of my IG, I might need to invest in a pair.


    • Yes do catch up its great. We sound very alike in our tastes hun. Lol yes my first brogue season this year and already have three pair. Obsessed. Lol get some. So comfy.


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