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Halloween Siblings October Portraits
It’s October and what comes with October is our favorite, Halloween. Most people will know that Halloween is huge in America and as the kids get older I get even more excited to deck the house out. We have started choosing our pumpkins already. I have lots of plans for these beauties we picked out. I have so many memories of picking out our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch near where we lived. I really need to find something similar here, if anyone knows of any shout! 
Another month has come and gone and my how my children have grown and changed. Missy Moo is a full toddler now so I now have two toddlers on my hands. It has been amazing to see the transformation of Missy Moo into toddlerhood and seeing how they would get along on the same level. All my fears were pointless because they really are inseparable. Missy Moo has become Buba’s shadow, following him from room to room. I was worried he wouldn’t approve of this but he loves it. He thinks he is King of the castle and it sure would appear that way too. 
Halloween Siblings October Portraits
This month Buba has been in preschool a few weeks now and is absolutely thriving. He comes home with all the new things he has learned, earning for more. I have no doubt he will be ready for school next September. He already has asked, “why can’t I go to school Mommy?” I love his eagerness to learn. He loves books and is always ready to take on something new. Being the amazing big brother that he is, he has been coming home sharing his knowledge with his sister. That’s sibling love right there. I can hear their little conversation where he is telling Missy Moo, this is the letter A, B, C, etc. Watching him try to teach her is a beautiful sight. Halloween Siblings October Portraits
Their little secret sibling language is still going strong. Sometimes I look over and they are laughing hysterically at each other or even just smirking like they know what each other is thinking and I don’t. They have laughing wars together which I find highly contagious and could listen to for hours. It starts off one laughing and then the other louder and so on. It gets extremely loud and out of hand quick but I think laughter only makes us live longer. Halloween Siblings October Portraits
In a random coincidence of our Halloween pictures, this one made me laugh with the light hitting Buba’s glasses causing a glare. I kept showing him the photo and he would say, “Spooky” so we have been calling him Spooky Boy today. Missy Moo finds it hilarious to hear the word Spooky which also tickles me. Not sure how a word can be funny but I think because the mere fact of Buba laughing, it makes her laugh too. 
They both were really intrigued with their pumpkins. Last year Missy Moo was only just a newborn and Buba too young to understand carving a pumpkin out yet. I am so excited to see their faces when they get to dive into these beauties. 
Halloween Siblings October PortraitsHalloween Siblings October Portraits
Even though they both have been ill recently and Missy Moo threw up for the very first time they have never been so smiley and happy otherwise. They seem to know how to have such a great time both together and with everyone around them. I love going out with them on mini adventures together. They are bound to catch people’s attention one way or another these days with their funny phrases, squeals, laughing contests, and cheeky grins. We all know Missy Moo has got the cheeky grin down to a perfection. Halloween Siblings October Portraits
 Yes, they are siblings so there is always going to be bickering and rivalry that’s all part of growing up. We have plenty of that here. Missy Moo still doesn’t understand sharing so she runs and snatches toys off Buba while he is playing which makes Buba become a tattle -tail brother in a shouty way and she starts to squeal. I laugh because it’s a process of learning how to share and they may be the best of friends most of the time but they sure know the best way to wind each other up too. 
Overall, I am the luckiest person in the world to be able to witness them grow and love each other the way they do. You can see it in their eyes when they look at each other. You can hear it in their laughters heard from the next room. You can  feel it in your heart when you see them kiss and hug each other so tightly. It’s pure sibling love! 
dear beautiful

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  1. Oh my gosh Jenny, these photos are so stinkin’ adorable. You can really see how close they are and what good friends they are. They look like a really cheeky little twosome, much like my own two.
    It’s amazing how quickly things change when the younger one gets up and walking, isn’t it? It was a real turning point for my two and they’ve just gone from strength to strength ever since.
    Thanks so much for linking up these gorgeous photos Jenny. Just beautiful! x

    • Thank you so much Lucy that means the world to me coming from you!!! I couldn’t agree more definitely when MM started walking it was the same thing. Thanks for hosting.

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful Jenny, definitely my favourites of yours so far. Firstly cause it’s such a cute idea with pumpkins, secondly cause their clothes are just gorgeous, and thirdly (and the main thing!) because of the way they are looking at each other! They look like they love each other lots and lots and are so happy- look at those gorgeous smiles! x

    • Ahhhh Katie you have made my night saying that. I really love these just because I put the kids on the kitchen floor and pumpkins and let them play and took photos as they played. Love more candid photos.

  3. Beautiful photos – I just love the two where they are looking at each other – so very loving and happy. Love those gorgeous smiles! 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I know I think it’s because she is finally getting hair and looking more like a girl. Don’t worry everyone thinks it so I say it. Hahhahaah

    • Thank you. I think it’s because she is finally getting some hair and not just a little peach fuzz. hahaha It’s great to see more of what she will look like now. No more baby that’s for sure.


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