Keeping memories alive

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:32 am

Memories are one of the most important aspects of life. If we don’t have any memories, each day would be a blank canvas. We wouldn’t have those happy memories of our loved ones to make us smile or have memories of how to even do anything. While our brain does the best it can to store our memories some still fade away.

I have always been a little obsessed with capturing my memories and keeping them alive. From the moment I could use a camera, I was snapping photos of everyone and everything I did. Growing up, I made wallpaper out of photos of my friends, to my parents dismay and the walls too, when I moved out. I started making scrapbooks to further document my memories in a way I could pour over and over so I didn’t forget those experiences, those friends, and those adventures. After having children, the documenting of my life took on a whole new level of keeping my memories alive. I have never taken so many photos of anyone than I have my children. The old fashion way of scrapbooking took too long to keep up with how fast my kids were growing and how many photos I was taking so in came digital scrapbooks. Finally, it progressed into this very blog being born out of wanting to document our lives, share it with family and friends back home and a place where the kids could come back and relive when they are older.

Somewhere from the time I started my blog I kept putting off making my digital scrapbooks of each milestone or big holiday like I used to do. I told myself I would sit down this year and get caught up on the last two and half years of photo books waiting to be made. I find that even though most of these milestones or big holidays have been documented here on my blog there is still something special about seeing them printed in a book. A book you can pull off the shelf and look at or share with guests coming over. It’s not as nice to search through two and half years worth of blog posts to find each family outing or each big moment to share with someone else, after the fact.

cheerz family photo album reviewcheerz family photo album review

I have about six digital scrapbooks to make so I started with the most recent as the photos are easier to find and organized. I wanted to do them with a company that had a few cover options so they could all be the same size and style on the shelf and look great together. I have teamed up with Cheerz Photo Albums to do just that with their gorgeous color options I couldn’t say no. I can’t wait to have them all done and be caught up. They will look amazing all displayed nicely together on my living room shelf too.

cheerz family photo album reviewcheerz family photo album reviewcheerz family photo album review

Here is my first album our big two month trip to America. I wasn’t sure if the Cheerz Photo Albums were going to be able to hold all the adventures we had in the states last year but it did without any problems. It holds 150 photos to be exact. I went through and picked my favorites and I only had to decide to cut two out of those favorites to fit in the book.

I have done a million digital albums that take forever to layout, style, text, and add things to it. What I liked about Cheerz is they kept is simple so you didn’t get wrapped into all that and gave you a few layout options, text space is limited which I liked and not there on the pages with more photos on them. Simple, clear, and modern is the trend these days and this fits that perfectly. I went for the bold yellow cover which is the best yellow ever. I am a little obsessed with yellow , I have to say, on everything. It didn’t take long at all for all 150 photos to upload which was impressive. I have sat on competitors sites for hours waiting for my large size photos to upload. My favorite part in making my album is that it keeps all the photos you upload at the bottom and as you click them to a page it layouts it out for you and they disappear off the bottom so you know what you are left to work on the next page with. I categorized mine by the cities, people, parties, and places we went to see. This made it flow nicely and create an album of our whole summer abroad quickly.

cheerz family photo album reviewcheerz family photo album review

Cheerz went above and beyond a great digital album by sending it in a gorgeous matching box with ribbon to keep your memories dust free and protected. If you won’t be displaying it on your mantelpiece at least you will know it’s safe in it’s very own box. I am now working on Christmas in Ireland and can’t wait to get that one ordered and ticked off my list.

How do you keep your memories alive? Do you like digital scrapbooking? I would love to hear from you, comment below.

*I was given a voucher for printing my photos with Cheerz but product chosen, opinion and photos are all my own. I am genuinely in love with my new photo album and paying for more out of my own pocket. I would never boast about a product/brand that I didn’t actually love and enjoy myself. 


10 thoughts on “Keeping memories alive”

  1. Like you, I love keeping memories alive through digital scrapbooks. I started this as a surprise for hubby (then boyfriend) on our first anniversary and have continued every year since. It’s so lovely to have physical pictures to look at and share as well as a record of the years events (or 2 years for our latest one). I’ve been using another company and like that all the books look the same however with these beautiful covers I might be persuaded to check our Cheerz this year

    • Yeah I was the same always using another company but I was making them really complicated with wording and doodles and taking hours to fill and these were so easy and simple I got caught up so quickly. I love the old way of sharing memories when people come to the house.

  2. That sounds just like me!!! I love having a book I can take off the shelf and flip through the pages still. Call me old-fashioned!! But I get far behind often as well. I’ll get two years behind, try to catch up and then get busy again and next thing you know, it’s back up to 2+ years of catching up. I have a box of scrapbook pictures and embellishments that I haven’t gotten to. I have done a couple of digital albums but, they can take forever as well. I might have to try this Cheerz out for myself!!

    • Call me old fashion too I love sharing them when people come over. No one ever gets their external hard drive and says let’s flip through photos! lol I really am aiming to be all caught up before our big trip to the states again this summer with these albums. So easy to use. I just love how fast, easy and simple they are to make. If you do, check out my discount code at the bottom of my post to save some pennies. Let’s all catch up on those photo albums.

    • I think I took too much time in making my old ones this is way easier, keeps it simple and I love it. Now I can catch up on all my photo albums for past few years all at once. I am really so excited to catch up and have these all together on the shelf soon. 🙂 Something that’s been on my to do list forever.

    • It was quick and easy and kept it simple which I loved because now I can catch up on all those family memories to document and with so many colors available it will be nice to have them all on the shelf together. If you don’t use my discount code to save you some pennies. 🙂

  3. This is gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of scrapbooking and saving every memory, because I know we will always look back and coo over our wonderful family times. We’ve created a digital photobook before and absolutely loved it, since then we must have another thousand pics to print!
    This book looks so classy too x

    • I love them in books instead of printing because you only have so many frames and boxes to put them in but albums are great for sharing with guests and relatives when they visit. I love looking back at all ours.


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