Routines at 9 Months Old

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:02 pm

Well, folks this baby isn’t getting any younger that’s for sure. We are here celebrating his 9 months old milestone and it doesn’t seem a second ago we were bringing him home from the hospital. Cliche, but true!

If I thought it went fast the second time around having a baby, no one prepared me for the speed of the third. We are hitting some big changes like trying to crawl, walk, talk and eat whole foods. I can’t believe it.

Teething continues to be a pesky nuisance for us. He gets really running noses, fevers, and bad diapers. Bless him, it’s not fair on the poor thing. He keeps getting two teeth at a time. We are up to six teeth now. He is still biting me every chance he gets when he is feeding too.

Or I should say when he feeds. We have hit a nursing strike at 9 months old. He slowly started refusing to feed during the day at all. He prefers my milk in a cup and to sit up and drink it unless it’s morning feed. It’s becoming frustrating trying to offer him it and being refused each time and then pumping just to make sure he is getting enough in a cup. There is only so much rejection a mama can take. It’s been going on and off and now more off than on for weeks now.

He is still no closer to crawling. I am not worried just noting what he can and can’t do at this stage. He prefer to stand up or running around in his walker. I think he will be one of those that just skips the crawling. Why not?

Check out our video below, sharing a little feature of Baby O chatting away, his nap and feed routines updated, and what he has been up to including 12 planes in three weeks in three countries. Oh boy, this one travels!

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