6 Attractions in Singapore for Science-Curious Kids

Singapore is a bustling metropolis known for its modern skyline and lush greenery. What some people may not realise is that the famed Lion City is also an excellent destination for educational trips. The city offers a perfect blend of recreational, cultural, and informative attractions that cater to visitors of all ages with varying interests. 

For families with science-curious kids, Singapore provides a plethora of engaging and interactive experiences that make learning fun. With a variety of museums, wildlife parks, and science centres, Singapore ensures that young minds are constantly stimulated and inspired. Whether you’re exploring the wonders of natural history or diving into futuristic exhibitions, Singapore has something to spark the curiosity of every young scientist. Here are just a few examples of such attractions you can visit next time you’re in the Lion City:

1. Jewel-rassic Quest at Jewel Changi

For tourists having a Singapore vacation or locals looking for a weekend activity, you can begin your adventure at Jewel Changi Airport. You’ll soon realise that it’s more than a travel hub and entertainment complex—it’s also a wonderland of attractions you and your curious-minded kids will enjoy. One of the things to do in Changi airport is to check out Jewel-rassic Quest, an interactive experience that transports visitors to a prehistoric world filled with augmented reality (AR) dinosaurs. 

Here, kids can embark on an adventure armed with a specially designed AR device that brings the ancient creatures to life before their eyes. Jewel-rassic Quest also shares plenty of fun facts about different dinosaur species and their habitats. Young palaeontologistswill be thrilled to learn about the behaviour, diet, and environments of these magnificent creatures as they navigate through this high-tech adventure. Additionally, the experience incorporates problem-solving tasks and quizzes that challenge children to think critically and engage deeply with the content.

2. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

For a deep dive into the natural world, the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is a must-visit. Located in the Kent Ridge Campus of the National University of Singapore, the museum showcases the rich biodiversity of Southeast Asia, featuring over a million specimens ranging from tiny insects to towering dinosaur fossils. Make sure to visit the major highlight of the museum, which is the dinosaur exhibit. It’s an impressive display of three near-complete diplodocid sauropod skeletons.

Interactive displays and engaging educational programmes also make the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum an exciting learning environment. Children can explore the wonders of natural history, from the ecosystems of prehistoric periods to the diverse wildlife of today. Moreover, the museum offers hands-on workshops where kids can learn about specimen preservation, conduct simple scientific experiments, and even participate in fossil digs.

3. Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore is another haven for inquisitive minds. With over 1,000 interactive exhibits spread across 14 galleries, the centre covers a vast array of scientific disciplines. It also hosts numerous workshops and special programmes that allow children to delve deeper into topics like robotics, chemistry, and space exploration. One standout exhibit is the Tesla Coil demonstration, where kids can witness live demonstrations of high-voltage electricity and learn about its applications in a fun and safe environment. 

4. Singapore Zoo & Night Safari

If your young scientist is intrigued by animals, make sure to visit the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. As the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park, the Night Safari allows visitors to observe animals in their natural nocturnal habitats. You begin your adventure with a guided tram ride through various geographic zones, followed by walking trails for a closer look at creatures like the Malayan tiger and the fishing cat. 

Compared to other animal attractions, the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari emphasises conservation and education. Particularly, it teaches children about the behaviours and adaptations of nocturnal animals. Additionally, educational talks and interactive shows, such as the Creatures of the Night, provide fascinating insights into the habits and survival strategies of night-time creatures. 

5. Mandai River Wonders

Formerly known as River Safari, Mandai River Wonders is a river-themed wildlife park that celebrates freshwater ecosystems. Here, kids can learn about the world’s great rivers and their unique inhabitants, from the Amazon’s giant river otters to the Mekong’s freshwater stingrays. Make sure to visit the park’s star attractions, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the giant pandas housed in a specially designed habitat. 

You can also go on themed boat rides that allow you to explore the diversity of river life. The Amazon River Quest boat ride, for example, takes visitors through a lush, simulated rainforest environment. It offers glimpses of exotic wildlife and teaches visitors about the complex interdependencies within river ecosystems. 

6. Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is another attraction that’s perfect for science-curious kids. It’s a lush, green oasis in the heart of the city and also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s a perfect spot for families to both relax and explore nature to learn about plant science. The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is specifically designed for kids. It features interactive zones that teach about photosynthesis, plant diversity, and sustainable gardening, among other topics. 

Your family can also join guided tours and embark on nature trails throughout the gardens, which offer educational experiences that highlight the importance of plants in our ecosystem. Moreover, children can engage in hands-on activities like planting, composting, and understanding the water cycle. 

Singapore’s array of science-focused attractions offers a wealth of opportunities for kids to engage with and learn about the world around them. From the prehistoric adventures of Jewel-rassic Quest to the nocturnal wonders of the Night Safari, each destination provides unique educational experiences that are both fun and informative. These attractions will also inspire curiosity and wonder in young minds. So, consider taking on a scientific adventure when visiting Singapore.

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