6 Practical Tips to Improve the Security of Your Small Business

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 01:52 pm

If you own a small business, you probably understand how crime threats such as burglaries and shoplifting can impact your enterprise. A recent survey established that approximately 606,282 crimes affected businesses in Wales and England. The most common is shoplifting which accounted for 374, 395 of the total crimes. If you want to deter burglars and shoplifters from your enterprise, the tips here can help you with your security of your small business.

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Consider Additional Lighting

There’s no doubt criminals need darkness to thrive. When it’s dark, it’s less likely to spot them, meaning they can do their malicious activities with less tension. That’s why proper lighting within businesses is critical. Implementing additional lighting in your premises may seem simple but has many benefits. For maximum security, you may want to consider outside lights with sensor.

Invest in Reliable Locks, Windows, and Doors

Reinforcing your wood or steel doors can be an excellent way to deter criminals. You should also ensure critical doors within your business have high-end locks. Windows can serve as entry points for criminals. For enhanced protection and safeguarding your financial future, ensure all windows have locks.

Think of Cybersecurity

Did you know about 1.6 million small businesses suffer attempted hacks each year in the U.K? That said, your business’s digital aspect should be a priority. Any small business owner needs to implement cybersecurity safety techniques, including:

  • Locking company laptops in a safe area after use to prevent reach by unauthorized individuals
  • Encrypting sensitive data storage and transmission
  • Limiting access of essential accounts to specific trusted employees
  • Securing your network
  • Regular data backup
  • Educating employees on the best cybersecurity practices such as using strong passwords
  • Installing and updating company machines with reliable firewall and antivirus software
  • Creating secure data storage program and sensitising your employees on the same

Collaborate with a Security Personnel

If you’re looking to strengthen your company’s security, it would be wise to work with specified security personnel. You may not need to hire a professional if you want to avoid additional expenses. You can assign this task to one of your trusted employees. While you may not need to appoint an expert in company security, you want your personnel to be able to perform essential duties, such as:

  • Implementing the company’s existing security protocols
  • Collaborating with the relevant  security agencies
  • Accessing and evaluating vital security information
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Create a Security Response Plan

Many corporate organisations ignore putting a security action plan until a crime hits. If it occurs without measures in place, it would be challenging to take the necessary action and bounce back. To avoid confusion in times of crime, you want to prepare your employees to know how to respond if something happens.

Whether they’ll use it or not, having the information gives everyone within your company peace of mind. If your employees work with uncertainties due to criminal threats, it could affect their performance and impact your company’s sales.


Looking at security issues facing small businesses today, it would be wise for enterprise owners and managers to rethink their business security. Doing this will prevent potential losses due to cybersecurity and physical attacks. Do you have a security plan for your organisation? If not, it could be time you create one.


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