6 Stylish Wall Panel Ideas for Your Living Room

We’ve all had those moments when we get completely sucked into an interior design magazine, blog, or Pinterest page that captivates us and has us daydreaming about how to bring more style into our own space. 

One of the biggest home trends over the past few years has been statement walls – a single wall in a room that goes above and beyond. From mural walls to photo galleries, there are loads of ways to achieve that wow factor. However, one recent trend we’ve been loving is wall panelling. This is a modern and minimalist way to elevate your space, and the best part is you can do it yourself: here are a few ideas. 

PVC Panelling 

A durable and budget-friendly option for your wall panels is to use simple PVC boards. You can get custom PVC sheets, which are lightweight and easy to clean, making them a great pick for your project as well as for the long term. 

PVC can also be painted to match the exact colour of your walls (if you wish to do so), and you can get these sheets in various thicknesses, textures and patterns too if you’re looking for something a little more creative and fun. Simply find a design you like, order your PVC sheets to size (or cut them yourself) and panel your walls for a sleek, modern edge. 

Wood Panelling

Another look we love on a wall is a classic wood panelling design. This option works exceptionally well in a room with a more natural or even rustic aesthetic, and looks great when you have furniture pieces in a similar wood finish. 

A timber, oak, or walnut panelled wall in a neutral-themed, boho bedroom looks elegant and can completely transform the space. Once again, getting it done on your own is simple, too! Simply order your wood and have it installed in rows (or patterns) against your wall of choice. Remember to ask or research online how to properly care for the type of wood you choose for your panelling to ensure its longevity. 

Geometric Panelling

If you like a more modern and eclectic look in your home, you can install some panels with geometric designs for a contemporary feel, and you could use just about any material to achieve this – from PVC to metal. 

You could opt for a modern monochromatic look or add a pop of colour for a bold contrast in your room. For intricate designs, you’ll need to be extra precise with your measurements and placement, so you might want to consider professional help for this project. However, it can just as easily be installed on your own if you have a keen eye for detail. 

Mirror Panelling

Another fun and modern take on the wall panel trend is using mirror panelling on your walls, creating a bit of optical intrigue. This will look pretty cutting-edge and create the illusion of space in a smaller room, too. 

You can also maximise the benefits of this project by placing your panels on the wall opposite a window to capitalise on the natural light and create a bright and open space. Be sure to install your mirrored panels in a room with lowkey and minimalist décor to ensure you don’t create a chaotic, cluttered feeling, and remember to keep those panes gleaming at all times!

Metal Panelling

A dark, industrial look is another popular interior design style that would massively benefit from a panelled wall. You could use aluminium, steel, or copper, and you could even opt for panels made of very thin piping for a 3D effect that fits the industrial vibe of your living room. 

Look into different finishes like a brushed or polished look, and think about combining your metal panels with other materials like wood or concrete to complete the look. 

Colourful Painted Panelling

Remember that most types of panelling you choose (like PVC or wood) will be completely customisable, allowing you room for some extra creativity and a splash of colour. 

Wall panels create an awesome blank canvas for some stunning wall décor, and you could create an ombre effect or even just add some bold contrasting colours to your room. Wooden wall panels painted in rainbow colours would be an amazing addition to any baby or children’s bedroom as well, or you could also choose a more muted palette to bring calming colours to an office space. Wall panels are often simple and elegant, but the world is your oyster and you don’t need to be boring to fit the bill.

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