6 Tips to Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 03:53 pm

The sunshine has really put a perk in my step and we have been soaking it up. You may have been doing the same or some spring cleaning in your house but have you cleaned out your wardrobe yet? I mean “cleaning out your wardrobe” from all the dust that collects over time not just going through your clothes is SO important!

With lockdown in full force and staying home is the new awesome and safe thing to do….I have been using my time wisely. From cleaning out old clothes to organizing and cleaning out my wardrobe into categories and outfits. Why not put those winter faux furs away and pull some of your favorite spring fashion to the front of the wardrobe?

Here is six things you can do while you have the time to really organize your wardrobe!

1. Pull everything out of your closet, and actually dust and clean it.

2. Decide categories for your space before sorting and putting your clothes back.

3. Try on everything. If it’s too small or too big get rid of it. There is nothing worse than pressuring yourself to get skinny again or letting yourself gain weight because you have the next size up. (I know I had three sizes in mine!)

4. Depending on your categories, hang clothes accordingly but always have a tiny place to hang the current week’s outfits right at the very front. It’s a known fact the clothes we see first and easiest to grab is what we wear the most. I have one section so I can wear clothes I haven’t worn in forever for that week. This helps me rotate clothes more and also reminds me why I never wear that top or bottom, making it easier to decide to keep it afterwards or not. I wear everything one more time if I am unsure whether or not I like it and then if I like it, it goes into the right category, if I don’t like it, it goes in the charity bag.

5. Use baskets and boxes to organize shoes, pants, pjs, belts and other items that are in your wardrobe that don’t get hung. Etsy and Ebay have amazing options from sock and underwear separators for your drawers to special hangers to hold numerous pairs of pants on one hook.

6. Next put nonseasonal items in the very back such as winter coats, sky pants scarves and more. You won’t need them taking up space up front.

It sounds like a lot of work but just think how good you will feel afterwards! Its also great exercise too. I felt a sense of relief taking every single thing out of my wardrobe and then I had no choice whether to keep going because I had to put it all back.

The great thing about it is that you will wear more clothes than ever before. Recycle all those clothes in the back you didn’t have time to find something to go with it. Now you do and can! You will be prepared for the week ahead with some new rotated outfits that you might have not worn in years. You might have created some new combination too. I think it is a time savor in the mornings if you can just grab an outfit already to go and not have to think about it.

I completely clean out my wardrobe like this once every season so four times a year. It’s important to clean it out, even if its just to keep the dust mites from eating your clothes in the back and healthier for you not to have them on your person too.

How do you organize your seasonal wardrobe? Do you regularly dust and clean your wardrobe?

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