8 Fantastic Ways Mompreneurs Can Beef Up Their Business IT

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 09:41 am

Running a business from home can be challenging at the best of times. 

You’ll often have to contend with continual interruptions from other household members, needing to deal with unexpected emergencies (such as picking up a poorly child from school), and trying to finish your work in a small distraction-free timeframe.

However, you can make your life easier by having a robust and cutting-edge IT setup at home. Doing so means you can conduct your work anytime without worrying about performance bottlenecks, service limitations, or questionable reliability.

If you’re looking for tips and tricks to achieve all that, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the following eight examples to supercharge your IT homeworking setup and make your business more productive:

1. Upgrade To Fibre Internet

You might not think so, but your business depends on the Internet. Even if your work is primarily offline, you’ll still need Internet access to surf the Web, send and receive emails, and communicate with others via video chat software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

The first thing you should do is upgrade your online access to fibre Internet. It’s available in many areas and offers unparalleled bandwidth (download and upload speeds). What’s more, fibre Internet is highly affordable.

2. Install A WiFi Mesh Setup

A common problem shared by many people working from home or running a business in their abode is Wi-Fi connectivity. As you probably know, the range or signal strength of Wi-Fi Internet can vary according to several factors, such as:

  • Line of sight to the access point;
  • Wi-Fi hardware used;
  • Distance between mobile devices and your access point.

One way to guarantee robust Wi-Fi connectivity wherever you are in your home is by installing a Wi-Fi Mesh network.

It’s a cutting-edge wireless technology that cures wireless bottlenecks and overcomes common challenges like distance and signal strength between rooms.

3. Buy A New Computer

Do you wait for ages for your computer to boot up or even perform simple tasks like opening applications? If the answer is yes, now’s the time to consider upgrading to a new computer. Doing so offers various advantages, such as:

  • Ability to run the latest versions of applications;
  • Better operating system support for new devices and components;
  • Increased security and reliability; and
  • Faster application access and operational times.

4. Hire Some IT Support Experts

What would happen if you experienced an IT disaster? Is there anyone IT-capable that can help you recover from any disaster situation? You need your IT kit to work and earn a living, so you must have the proper support in place should you need it.

That’s why using a managed IT support services provider makes sense. They can ensure all your IT equipment is working as expected, perform periodic checks and upgrades, and recommend the best ways to make your setup more productive.

5. Use Cloud IT Services

There’s no escaping the fact that cloud platforms and services help mompreneurs like yourself to have a productive and resilient IT setup. You can use the cloud in many ways, from storing your essential data to running applications accessible on any device.

What’s more, cloud platforms and services are inexpensive, making them an attractive alternative to traditional concepts like having file servers or spending vast sums on software.

6. Make Use Of Cybersecurity Protection

One sad fact about today’s digital age is how cybercrime is rife. Anyone can be a target of cybercriminals, and they will often profit from their ill-gotten gains by taking advantage of people’s good natures.

That’s why you need to up your game regarding cybersecurity. You can ensure your data gets protected by investing in Internet security software that incorporates anti-virus solutions and phishing protection.

7. Backup All Important Data

What would you do if you could not open an important file on your computer due to hard drive corruption or a power cut? An essential IT best practice is ensuring you have a regular backup solution.

One idea to simplify such a need and cut costs simultaneously is using a cloud platform like Dropbox. That’s because such services can provide versioning, meaning you can access different (earlier) versions of your files whenever you want.

8. Invest In A UPS

Investing in a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply is the final IT tip to help supercharge your setup. They are inexpensive solutions for mompreneurs and help protect your computer and other IT equipment if there are power spikes.

They’re also helpful for providing power so you have enough time to shut down your applications and computer without causing any data loss or component damage.


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