A Christmas Present that Will Keep Sharing the Memories with Nixplay

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 08:14 am

Sometimes it can be hard to think of creative presents that won’t just be another thing someone re-gifts later. While hampers of cheese and biscuits or chocolates and wine are amazing and delicious, they don’t last long. Well, they don’t last long in our house anyways. I always try to think of presents that mean something truly special when it comes to buying for adults.

A Christmas present that will keep the memories going is always a good choice. You can personalize photo albums, send videos, get family photos taken, or buy something for their home that can display all those amazing memories for all to see.

We have teamed up with Nixplay, the revolutionary way to display and share all those photos and videos on your phone or computer. Let’s face it, we all do it. Take hundreds of photos of a day out, our vacations, holiday seasons, and more but what do we do with those photos we cherish so much? Some might print a calendar out for Grandma or a photo book out for Daddy’s office, but the majority of those videos and photos get stored.

With a Nixplay frame you  have right at your finger tips, memories that keep going. Nothing hidden away on a disk or usb. It’s the frame you don’t have to ever change the printed photos or decide which photo will be on the fireplace.

It was so easy to setup. I plugged it in and immediately was prompted on screen what to do. After linking to my wifi and downloading the Nixplay app both took two seconds I was ready to start creating a playlist of photos and videos. It was as simple as clicking the + sign on playlists and selecting right from my phone library which photos I wanted in that playlist (album). That’s it.

Nixplay frame Nixplay App wifi photo frame photo sharing Nixplay frame Nixplay App wifi photo frame photo sharing

I can make special playlists with certain photos or play all my photos and videos randomly. I absolutely love that I can set motion sensor so when I walk in the room, my memories instantly pop up on display. I can share through the Nixplay app with friends and family and invite them to share with me too.

Nixplay frame Nixplay App wifi photo frame photo sharing

For me, I think it would make an unforgettable present for someone. Just think of the grandparents being able to see all their kids, grandkids and special friends in their life, on a revolving screen. Or perfect for that friend that might live far away from home and want to have photos of everyone, greeting them when they walk in from work. I know my mother would love one of these so that I could create various playlists for different seasons. I can imagine all our family Christmas photos playing during the holiday season would really get her in the festive spirits and feel like we are there even though some years we can’t visit.

Nixplay frame Nixplay App wifi photo frame photo sharing

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your Nixplay:

  1. Have you tried sharing videos to your frame? Here’s how.
  2. Get friends and family to send photos and videos to your frame. Here’s how.
  3. Want to manage your photos on desktop? Log-in at Nixplay.com.
  4. If you need help or have questions, we’re over at support.nixplay.com Read FAQs, find an answer or talk to one of our Customer Support Team. They are very helpful.

Nixplay frame Nixplay App wifi photo frame photo sharing

I love it at night with the soft glow of the screen which you can adjust. It scrolls through our family memories and puts a big smile on my face. Go check it out, makes an unforgettable gift for someone special.


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