A Perfect Family Tour in Normandy and Brittany

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We are a traveling family. One that loves the sound of adventure and learning about other cultures. How could we not, we are expats? I love how much there is to see in the world. It’s an endless ball of information, cultures, experiences, and sights waiting to be seen and put in our memories. Now that my kids are getting older I want to do just that and show them as much of the world as I possibly can. I find taking a family tour is the best idea when you have two in tow. I love planning each one of our trips right down to the very last minute. I spend time, weeks ahead, researching what we can see, what is available to make our trip flow smoothly and organizing. I have been reading up on Normandy and Brittany, France. I have heard about it’s amazing views and the history there sounds truly amazing. Mr. P is a huge history buff too so I know it would be something we all love to learn and experience together. Brittany Normandy A Perfect Family Tour in Normandy and Brittany

Having a family holiday in Normandy and Brittany is sure to be one of those kinds of trips that you dream of and then never forget once you visit. You are bound to remember the breathtaking scenery and the miles and miles of beaches where you and your children skip on the sand. The memorial sites will poignantly remind you of history and of those who sacrificed their lives in war. In order to make your tour perfect , you can think of renting a luxury SUV car in France via an online luxury car rental agency to travel in style and comfort as you slowly discover the beauty of Normandy and Brittany.


Starting from Rouen, visit this historical city that offers a lot of adventure for the entire family. There are museums, historic buildings, shops, and chocolate stores to delight the entire family. Visit the memorial site dedicated to Joan of Arc where she was burnt in 1431 and recount to your children her story.

In Bayeux, bring the family to see the 900-year old tapestry that depicts the Battle of Hastings. The kids will be engrossed in trying to find the most gruesome parts of the piece! Then, you can head on to one of the adventure parks for a few hours of physical fun. West Adventure offers acrobatic courses in trees, zip lining, foot bridge and a whole set of games and programs. Stop by the Labyparc de Bayeux to have some thrill and fun in the plant life maze where you can meander through 5 hectares of cornfield labyrinth. Then, jump on to the D-day Beaches code-named Omaha, Utah, Gold, Sword, and Juno to see these stretches of sand where the Allied troops landed to challenge the German invaders. You can learn something about history and at the same time, enjoy frolicking on the beaches.

Head on to Caen where young children will be delighted by The Enchanted Village with its fairytale scenes on forest walks. At the same time, you can enjoy the miniature railways and low key rides.

Don’t miss out on visiting Mont-Saint-Michel. The children will be impressed by the Disney-like scenery. This magical island used to be one of Europe’s major pilgrimage destinations, now a UNESCO world Heritage Site.

A Perfect Family Tour in Normandy and Brittany


Crossing the borders into Brittany, visit the Pays-des-Abers to the Pink Granite Coast where the entire family will be mystified by the fantastical rock formations. The sand in hues is nothing like you have ever seen before. The village of Ploumanac’h is exceptionally beautiful to see. Inland, you can find a landscape that is perfect for cycling or biking around. You can rent some bikes and go pedaling across valleys and meadows or have picnics by riversides. There are many cycle ways that are perfect for a family adventure.

In Finistère, the entire family can explore amazing places, indulge in tasty food and drink, and take in the beautiful coastal and inland scenery. There are a lot of options for the ideal family accommodation as well. The children will love Océanopolis in Brest, a maritime and scientific environment considered to be Europe’s first Ocean Discovery Park that is divided into three fantastic thematic settings, namely, the Polar, Tropical and Temperate.

Let your children learn about fishing as you bring them to the charming fishing port of Haliotika in Le Guilvinec. To see the colourful flotilla of fishing boats coming in from the sea will surely catch the entire family’s interest. Watch the loads of fish that fishermen catch on a daily basis. Following that, head on to the Discovery Centre which is a museum that exhibits the history of sea fishing in the region.

A Perfect Family Tour in Normandy and Brittany

Now doesn’t that sound like a perfect family tour of France? I think so. It appeals to such a wide age range as well and I love how much you can learn while vacationing. Don’t get me wrong I love a good relaxing beach holiday too. But I want to educate my children through seeing and experiencing places like this it makes them more worldly and appreciate what they have at home too.

Do you do family tours when you go on holiday? Or do you prefer to book a hotel, get there and be spontaneous? Have you ever been to Normandy or Brittany I would love to know what your thoughts are on them?


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