A Quick Look at the 4 Most Common Teen Worries: What’s a Mother to Do?

Last updated on January 8th, 2024 at 02:15 pm

No matter what age your children are, they will never reach an age where you aren’t worried about their worries! When it comes to teens, their worries are plentiful. While there may be something you can do to ease their worries, sometimes the only thing you can do is listen. In any case, here are the 4most common worries today’s teens face so that you can be prepared for them if (most likely when) they arise.

1. Fitting in With Their Peers

There is something about reaching those hormonal teenage years that have a serious effect on their need to identify with their peers. Some teens feel they are ‘different’ from most kids their age and are likely to take extreme measures to try to fit in. They may go way overboard experimenting with alcohol or cigarettes or may take on behaviors that simply are not ‘normal’ for them. If you notice any unusual behaviors such as these, try talking to them. If they are unresponsive, a bit of counseling can go a very long way.

2. Failing

Although this isn’t typically something teens worry about in their freshmen or sophomore years, it becomes more of a concern the closer they get to graduation. Without good grades, they are unlikely to get into the universities of their choice, so failing becomes a huge issue. Also, many types of student loans and scholarships are grade-based awards, so many teens worry about failing key classes.

3. Peer Pressure

No matter how hard you’ve tried and all the discussions you’ve had over the years, many teens still fall prey to peer pressure. Just like those kids who worry about fitting in so they act out behaviors or try substances they would normally avoid, too many teens act on peer pressure. This is something you may be seriously concerned with, and rightfully so. One thing you can do is keep a close eye on the kids they choose to hang out with because that can be the source of these new, unacceptable behaviors.

4. Health

Health issues are not something all teens care about but it’s important for adults to teach them about topics like sexual health, mental health, and oral health. For example, it is common for teens to need braces to straighten their teeth, so choose a professional company like Alignerco, for teeth straightener options.

These are four of the most pressing teen worries that seem to be universal, no matter what socio-economic class in which they fall. Being aware of these common teen worries can better help you prepare your teens as they begin reaching those pre-teen years but if not, know that help is always out there. Start with the school guidance counselor or your family physician. The only thing you can do is to help them get the support they need during these critical years in their development. They needn’t face their teen worries alone – and that is the very best help you can offer.


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