Becoming independent with the Pink Lining Wheelie Cases

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becoming independent with their pink lining wheelie casesMy two have long wanted to be the bigger kid before they were ready to be the bigger kid. They were the ones that can do everything themselves from the start.  While I love their strive to be independent when they were very young it was frustrating. Somedays I might even say their strong-will drove me mad because we couldn’t get anything done as we all know it takes a one year old far longer than an adult to put shoes on or attempt the act or anything else. But now my kids are at that age where it isn’t a struggle to be independent but very helpful I am loving every second of it. I can now rely on them to get dressed, put their coats and shoes on among other helpful things to speed the process of leaving the house up. It’s great and I remember wondering what this would feel like. 

Many of you know and for those that don’t, we travel quite a bit being an expat family with all my family being in American and almost all of Mr P’s family being in Southern Ireland. Traveling is amazing to experience with family but it comes with a lot of baggage and I mean that very literal. When we go away to America we are packing for the three of us for two whole months. It’s not easy getting that all into something I can carry all on my own as I fly solo with two toddlers and stroller in tow. I am not complaining I love every minute of it. What I am excited about most is now that the kids are getting good at being independent they are also getting good at carrying their own backpacks and strolling their own suitcases behind them too. 

becoming independent with their pink lining wheelie cases

This Christmas we were so grateful to travel over to Ireland for a two week, family and friend, catch up for the holidays. I got to finally put my kids’ big kid skills to test with their new his and her Pink Lining wheelie cases. Not only are these the cutest wheelie cases I have ever seen but they actually fit so much in them you wouldn’t believe. The kids found them so easy to stroll around and actually looked so proud carrying them into each house that we stayed at while we were there.  We went from city to city then from country village to country village in style. The kids would jump out of the car and insist they wheel their own suitcases inside. 

becoming independent with their pink lining wheelie casesbecoming independent with their pink lining wheelie cases

It’s helpful for them to be independent and want to carry their own stuff but it also teaches them responsibility. I love that. They looked so grown up as they ran for my friend’s house with their wheelie cases shortly behind them. I got to thinking how fast time really goes when you are raising kids. It doesn’t seem like yesterday they were only babies. I know they are just suitcases but it was the first time while traveling that I didn’t have to be the bag lady. I got to go back to carrying a handbag which felt great. I felt like me again. 

becoming independent with their pink lining wheelie cases

becoming independent with their pink lining wheelie cases

The kids have been so eager to use their wheelie cases since the day they arrived. They had the biggest smiles on their faces when I told them that they were theirs for our trip to Ireland. They loved them so much on our trip they can’t wait to use them for America this summer too. Even when you pack them as full as I did, including their hudls in the front zip pouch, they are still very light weight which is a bonus when tired little arms are dragging them through an airport. I thought the novelty of having their own suitcases and the responsibility of pulling them behind them would wear off and I would be stuck with carrying them as well as my own but I couldn’t have been more wrong. B even wanted to fold his own clothes when we left Ireland to come home and pack his own suitcase. Weep, they really do grow up too fast.

The material on these suitcases are great because you can just wipe them clean with a wet wipe. I was worry about the light colored one for MM and how dirty it would get but after dragging it over four cities, five towns, five houses, and two weeks in Ireland it still looks new. 

They are great for overnight stays at grandparents house, for days out, long haul flights or ferry rides like we did. Their measurements are perfect for overhead bins on smaller airplanes and in front of their carseats, on the floor in the foot well. My two insists they have them under their seats while we drove to Wales to catch the ferry over to Ireland so they could keep their eye on them. They were instantly so possessive over their own wheelie cases neither could touch the other’s case. If I have learned anything it’s always make sure I have the same thing for both my kids so no one feels left out. Although I kind want one to match MM’s now for myself. Selfish and childish I know, don’t judge.

becoming independent with their pink lining wheelie casesbecoming independent with their pink lining wheelie casesbecoming independent with their pink lining wheelie cases

I love each stage we come to with my toddlers. We are now at a stage we have no more diapers and no more babies in the house which is both sad and exciting at the same time. They are learning more and more everyday and becoming independent faster than I thought or was prepared for. They no longer need Mommy and Daddy at their beck and call. I am enjoying every moment that I don’t have to be the bag lady while traveling anymore, may it long continue. Until our next trip these two beautiful wheelie cases wait patiently for the next family adventure we go on. 

becoming independent with their pink lining wheelie cases

Pink Lining Brand Ambassador 2015

*We are PL brand ambassadors and were sent these wheelie cases for the purpose of this review but all opinions and experiences are our own. 

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    • Oh yes they hold sooo much and I think look better we had the trunki too at first. Live and learn. They come out with different designs all the time for these too.

    • I think these are the only two but they have holdall that are great for teenagers! I even have two that I use to travel too. Pink Lining have a new design coming out soon too. Keep watch.


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