Bedtime Bliss with these Sleep Tips for Kids

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There are tons of sleep tips for kids that we can all use. But every family is different. What works for your children may not work for others. Having said that, there are some great guidelines for getting the kids to sleep. From winding down at night to limiting nap time, here are some tips.

A Cozy and Comfy Space

Children love having their own rooms, just like us! With a cozy and comfy space, children feel safe, and this can help with their sleep routine. This is also among the best sleep tips for kids with ADHD. ADHD kids need something of their own in a space where they feel in control. If they have to share a room with a sibling, sectioned spaces or even bunk beds can help provide them with a space of their own. As a result, they are more likely to drift off happier and easier!

Winding Down the Energy

Kids have tons of energy, and sometimes it can become excessive at night. If they haven’t released the energy, or if they are anxious about something, it can be a bit of a nightmare! So what can you do when looking for sleep help for kids? Try to find things that can run down the energy a little. Popular activities include a walk after dinner, taking a shower or bath, and reading to the kids when you have tucked them in. Reducing sugar can also be a lifeline!

Bedtime Routine Sleep Tips for Kids

As a parent, it will help if you create and enforce sleep rules for kids. This can be hard but necessary. About 62% of parents struggle with getting their kids to wind down or sleep at night. A baby routine is a big help when it comes to getting children settled for a good night’s sleep. Just like adults, a routine will get their little brains into a restful state when they know bedtime is near! A specified bedtime, nighttime hygiene, and getting tucked in are all part of a good routine.

Say No to Naps!

Who doesn’t love a good nap? Children and adults enjoy counting a few sheep during the day! But this can be a bad thing for kids if you don’t control it. Napping will re-energize children and is likely to cause issues later on. For example, if your kids go to bed at 7 pm, a nap at 5 will cause a nightmare! A late nap goes against sleep help for kids when trying to get them into a good routine or simply wind down for the night. Keep toddler naps to no longer than 20 minutes.

The Monster Under the Bed

Is there a monster under the bed, in the closet, or outside the window? Not that we can tell! But the kids often think there is! One of the recommended sleep guidelines for kids is to make them feel safe. Very young children and even older kids can get pretty scared when going to bed. Their little imaginations are impressionable, and they may not like the dark! It can help to “spray the monster under the bed,” Sims 4 style! This might just help them feel a little bit safer.


Children want a safe space to sleep, so one of the best sleep tips for kids is to give them their own space. Checking for bed monsters can also help! A routine with a set bedtime can also be a Godsend. Winding down for the night with minimal sugar and shorter naps will help.

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