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Minbie Bottle Feeding System Breastfeeding Bottle feeding

My experience with feeding babies has been different with each baby I had. My first born was the breastfeeder that never wanted to quick and refused all bottles and cups for the longest time. My second born was the reflux, latching problem child that soon got nipple confusion and struggles to go from breast to bottle to breast again. My third baby was a mixture of both but experiencing other struggles like mastitis and thrush on top of the bottle refusals and nipple confusions just to add in extra experiences for my last baby experience.

I always thought to myself, when I introduced bottles, why don’t they look or shaped more like a breast. Yes there are some that are wider and look more like a breast but not in the sense of feeding. When a baby feeds, your nipple stretches into their mouths creating a shape exactly like the Minbie teats. So when we were asking to test them out and see what we thought, I jumped at the offer. Finally, a brand that researches and uses some common sense in their design. Isn’t it better if we can offer our baby as close to what we offer? It makes sense!

Learning more of how the Minbie bottle feeding system works, I think they have thought of all the struggles parents face feeding their baby and addressed it in their design.

Minbie Bottle Feeding System Breastfeeding Bottle feeding

Minbie Feeding System

Babies are born with instinctive latching and sucking techniques. We can see them sucking in 3D/4D scans when we get them before they are born. Minbie have created an award winning teat design that bases their product on these instinctive latching and sucking techniques. Their teats also have the various ages for flow guidance and even more specific have two different paces for each age range for “paced teats” and normal teats for that age. Those babies that need the extra slow to feed for example could get a 6P instead of a 6+ which is for fast pace.


Having had one baby with bad reflux and one with bad colic, I have experienced first hand both of these struggles when it comes to feeding my babies. I would have loved to try the Minbie feeding system on my two older ones and see the difference it could make.

With a new vent that allows air to float away from the milk, and new breastfeeding motion to help prevent lazy feeding and better latching prevents colic and reflux for babies too.

There is nothing worse when you go to feed your baby and they point blank refuse the bottle. At times when you can’t breastfeed you can feel all sorts of emotions of not being able to feed your baby whether you have gone back to work or need to be gone for the day or perhaps just want to be able to share the feeding with your partner or baby’s siblings. The last thing you want to deal with is nipple confusion, or lazy feeding problems. With Minbie’s ergonomic bottle you can be reassured it supports breast to bottle and back to breast again with it’s instinctive breastfeeding motion and latching support.

I remember once I had to go to work in the next city and couldn’t take the baby with me. I had only ever successfully fed him a bottle once before this so I was very anxious but didn’t have another option. I went out and bought three different bottles just in case he wouldn’t take one for Granny so she could try others. Only 1 hour into my travels, I got the phone call I was dreading and heard the screams on the other side of the phone. Having to cut my meeting shorter so I could get home to feed baby was frustrating, emotion, and challenging all at the same time for both me, the baby and Granny babysitting. It’s times like this that I  know all mothers have experienced something similar in their struggles to parent. We have all had to change plans or things don’t work out to care for our little cherubs.

When you can find the right products that do the job right, you know it’s a winner!

Minbie Bottle Feeding System Breastfeeding Bottle feeding

Why the Minbie Teat is better

CORRECT FEEDING ACTIONAvoids nipple-confusion when used as the first and only bottle-teat.

Works to prevent lazy-feeding.

Feeding motion supports good digestion that helps with reflux and colic.


Nurtures a proper breastfeeding latch.

Strengthens breastfeeding coordination.

Proper latch supports a baby’s control of the feed helping with colic and reflux.

Minbie Bottle Feeding System Breastfeeding Bottle feeding


INCORRECT FEEDING ACTIONCan quickly cause nipple-confusion and bottle preference.

May cause lazy feeding and inability to breastfeed.

Sub-optimal for a baby’s digestion.

INCORRECT LATCHCan harm a newborn’s ability to latch correctly when breastfeeding.

Reduces a baby’s control of the feed, which can result in reflux and/or colic.

May cause a weak latch.

Minbie Bottle Feeding System Breastfeeding Bottle feeding

Minbie Bottle Feeding System Breastfeeding Bottle feeding

As we move through our feeding journey, my last feeding journey, I feel like I have learned a lot, tried a lot and found some amazing brands that really help us parents with the struggles we might face when feeding. Whatever way you feed your baby, breast, bottle or both, as long as it is a smooth and happy experience for both of you that’s all that matters. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or try other brands like Minbie, or get in touch with feeding support groups to help you along your way!!

Minbie Bottle Feeding System Breastfeeding Bottle feeding


*Collaboration with Minbie 

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