Three Siblings in August

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:50 pm

What has these three little siblings getting up to this month?

A whole lot!

As always we plan for a slower pace of life here in America and lots of family time. While it doesn’t sound like we ever slow down it’s definitely a lot less in the car and running from this sport or this event to the next. It’s more about being at my mom’s house and chilling. It’s about waking up late. Going to be whenever. No routine except for the baby’s routine to stick to. This is how we recharge. We don’t have homework to worry about or swimming lessons straight after school. There is no rushing!!! This family always seems to be rushing from here to there. When we are home in America, I never feel rushed to go anywhere or do anything. We get there when we get there! We do it when we feel like it. I think it’s important if your busy like us to have that down time too.

Don’t get me wrong we still have lots going on just in a more lazy, ad hoc way. It’s the county fair this week so we will at some point get there. The beach is calling our names this weekend so we will pack the car up Saturday morning and put our toes in the sand. We love going to the theme park close by so we will gather some friends and do that too. But we don’t put time limits and schedules to add pressure to these big days out we just make a list and check it off as we go along. It makes for such a great, fun filled summer. It also makes great memories to never forget.

The kids seem to bicker less here because they can be outside most of the day. There is no getting cabin fever and sick of the inside of our house here. There is always cousins or friends popping over for play and visit so they have so many different people to play with, chat to, and make memories with too!

I will forever be grateful for these three growing up in both countries: USA & UK. They have two homes. They have the best of both worlds too. Winters in the UK are mild unlike here. Summers in the USA are hot unlike there. It’s WIN-WIN for everyone.

Three Siblings in August

B is loving the eldest role when it comes Baby O but not so much his sister. They are so close in age it’s starting to turn where they bicker over the same stuff. B has learned to get an attitude and think it’s funny. His sister eggs him on when he is in one of those pre-teenager moods.

MM is losing teeth like crazy. I fear she will have to live off smashed banana and avocado soon. Not together I might add, gross. She has become the “emotional” one. She tries to keep up with her older cousins and brother on staying up later or swimming longer and gets completely exhausted. She is one that needs her sleep but refuses to admit it. She is growing up right before my eyes. I always think the summer between year one and year two they change a lot. Just me?

Baby O is changing so much this summer too. He is really latching onto his older siblings. He holds their hands and drag them about the house, bossing them around too. He is definitely the diva of the family. They cater to him so badly. He loves the swimming pool and shouts when we get out. He isn’t keen on the floaties or the trampoline. Something tells me he doesn’t like to lose control. He is talking more and more every day but I can’t wait to hear his toddler voice. The one that starts to form and becomes “his” voice and not just baby gibber jabber. He is still as clingy as ever but Grandma is working her love in there too now.

I hope you have been enjoying our IG stories and what we are getting up to on a daily basis. It’s been hit or miss the first week or so we were here but do check it out and say hello! @letstalkmommy



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  1. I think it’s so wonderful that you get to spend the whole summer with family and friends – the kids will remember their amazing, long summers forever. They really do look magical. I think 7 is a really key age for girls – watch this space! xx


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