Careers that can benefit Parenting

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There are so many things that moms and dads learn along the way when having babies because, believe it or not, that little bundle of joy didn’t arrive at the hospital with a ‘how to’ instruction pamphlet! While we get advice along the way from well-meaning and experienced family members, it always seems as though the first child or two is a matter of trial and error. Did you ever stop to think about what you want to do with your life and what kinds of careers would be best suited to mothers and fathers with young children at home? I know I have thought about it in depth over the years as I am learning as I am going along with this parenting journey I am on.

Here are three career paths that could actually help you parent better:

Social Work

An entry level job in social work usually necessitates at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Science with a major in Social Work. Here you will learn patterns of human behavior and the impacts a society has on their children. Continuing on with a Masters in Social Work from an institutions such as Rutgers, you will learn more in depth on particular subsets within a population. Want to know what makes that little person tick? The MSW online course work can give you clues into human behavior that just might help you be a better mom or dad.


Kids are notorious sponges when it comes to absorbing knowledge. Unfortunately, many parents don’t know how to impart on their children the knowledge those little people need to learn. Studying to be a teacher can help you learn how to explain things so that young people can understand them, how to discipline appropriately and most of all the importance of structure in their lives. Parents who are also teachers make wonderful moms and dads because they have accumulated parenting ‘tools’ along the way while studying for their degree and teaching certificate.

Medical Profession

Whether you have a prim and proper little girl or a little boy who climbs the nearest tree no matter how tall, you will find that there are plenty of bumps and bruises that can send you into panic mode if you aren’t aware that they are a normal part of child development. That first high fever your child gets can quickly fray your nerves so studying to be a doctor, nurse or even a nurse’s aide can help you to deal with minor injuries and little colds without worrying yourself sick.

While these three noble professions are always good choices for careers that will last, they are also good choices for moms and dads that don’t have any, or have little, experience in parenting. No, your child didn’t come with an instruction book but there are plenty of courses you can take in college that will help you deal with each situation or ‘crisis’ as it pops up. Looking to be the best mom ever while working at a career that is always in demand? Take time to investigate these three choices.

Like all parents, we write our instruction booklet as we go along and with a career that adds experience, and skills to better handle the things that are thrown at us each and every day as a parent is helpful. I know being a parent I will take all the help I can get.

What do you learn in your job that benefits you in your parenting?


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