Cleaning Routines to Simplify Your Life as a Mom

Being a busy mom with children to care for, a house to run, and maybe even a job outside the home makes cleanup and organization seem overwhelming and endless. It is frustrating to keep up with all the messes and clutter that are created around you as a result of having a family. Yet, with a pre-scheduled cleaning plan breaking down household tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, you can maintain some semblance of organization without all the anxiety and overwhelm. A good, realistic cleaning calendar will help you retain tasks so nothing is forgotten. It will make the burden of cleaning much more accessible. Following are some tips for establishing a successful and sustainable cleaning routine for you and your littles. According to Charlotte Flores, owner of the cleaning company Seattle Green Cleaning Fairy, having a structured plan can significantly reduce the stress of maintaining a clean home.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Spending just a few minutes daily on cleaning tasks can help make a difference between living neat and a buildup of messes. It’s generally sufficient to dedicate about 15–30 minutes per day to the following essential chores:

  • Make beds
  • Load and unload the dishwasher
  • Clean kitchen counters and stove
  • Sweep or vacuum high-traffic areas
  • Pick up clutter (toys, mail, etc.)
  • Clean up spills/messes as they happen
  • Do one load of laundry

Staying on top of these daily chores will, in turn, help you to maintain a home functioning. Keep the kids involved with age-appropriate daily chores.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Aside from daily maintenance, set aside some time once a week to delve deeper into your cleaning to keep your home in top condition. Dividing your weekly cleaning into just one section of your home to attack each day:

  • Monday: Clean the bathrooms—heavy-duty cleaning of toilets, showers, floors, and mirrors
  • Tuesday: Dust furniture and vacuum/mop floors
  • Wednesday: Clean the kitchen (appliances, cupboard doors, microwave)
  • Thursday: Tidy up the bedding and towels; do laundry
  • Friday: Clean family spaces, living room, playground, etc.
  • Saturday: Day to catch up or rest
  • Sunday: Time to meal plan and grocery shop for the week

Carrying out weekly cleaning chores becomes very easy if you tackle one specific area daily. You can also get this work down in 15–30 minute spurts whenever you have blocks of time.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Some cleaning tasks are only performed once per month. Pick one day each month to do those, or spread them out over the week:

  • Vacuum furniture and curtains
  • Clean blinds/window sills
  • Clean the baseboards and door frames
  • Clean out the pantry and fridge
  • Organize closets and dressers
  • Machine wash rugs and bathmats
  • Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Sanitize garbage cans and wastebaskets

Hiring of Cleaning Services

You might consider hiring your cleaning out to a professional house cleaning service that comes once every couple of weeks or once a month if your budget can handle it. Someone else doing the deep cleaning for you would give you a lot more time and energy that could be spent on your family and yourself.

Even if you are keeping up with your house by daily and weekly cleaning, periodic professional cleaning is a ‘reset’ that can keep your home looking spotless. Getting help is investing in yourself as a mom.

Tips that Help in Sticking to a Cleaning Routine

  • Keep all cleaning supplies organized and readily available to use in each room.
  • Clean as you go: wipe the bathroom sink each time you get ready, put dishes straight into the dishwasher, etc.
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes and get as much done as you can.
  • Listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts while you clean to make it more fun.
  • Give yourself a treat after completing your cleaning tasks, whether by pampering or having fun.

Keep in mind not to have the perfect house but to have a home that is functional and comfortable per se. By developing simple cleaning routines and getting family members involved, most of the timing taken by housework and related stress can be minimized.

Most of all, be kind to yourself. Some days, you will fall behind in keeping your house clean, which is okay. Prioritize family and well-being above a spotless home. With a doable cleaning routine, your home will never be in a state of mess for long. By freeing up more time and energy through simplified cleaning, you have more time and energy to be the best mom you can be.

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