Easy Ways To Elevate Your Packaging To Boost UGC

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Consider your packaging not just as a protective layer for your products, but as a powerful marketing tool. It’s a canvas for your brand, a point of sale, and a catalyst for user-generated content. With the right approach, your packaging can inspire customers to share their purchases online, creating a buzz around your brand.

User-generated content (UGC) is more than just posts and reviews. It’s a reflection of your customers’ experiences and a powerful marketing tool. By leveraging UGC, you can showcase your products in a new light, build trust with potential customers, and amplify the voices of your satisfied buyers.

So while producing excellent products, providing top-notch service, and efficient and easy transactions are excellent places to start, being able to improve our packaging can be that added extra that might be missing.

This post is going to look at the different ways to elevate your packing materials.

Add Stickers

Packaging stickers are a cost-effective way to help you create the unboxing experience any social media user enjoys. You can use custom stickers to add seals to boxes, close packaging protection to keep contents safe, or even leave them loose in the box for customers to use as they wish. You don’t need to go to elaborate extremes with your stickers; using sticker printing to add your logo to stickers will be more than enough.

Custom Sized Packaging

It doesn’t matter how expensive or well-made your packaging is. If it doesn’t fit the products properly, if the box is too big, or uses excessive packing product to secure the items, it won’t go down well on social media. And you might find any UGC shared is not favourable. Instead, invest in finding the right size packaging for what you sell, create custom-sized boxes if you need something other than the standard size and ensure that the box is fit for purpose and well made to help avoid any damage during transit.

Packaging Inserts

Packaging inserts are little additions you put in, such as a business card, a thank you note, a leaflet, etc, that further promote your brand and add to the unboxing experience. It might be that you include a repeat sale discount, 10% off your next purchase, for example, or you include a handwritten note or even a promo leaflet for an exclusive sale. It can be anything you wish, but it can also be an excellent addition to your packaging.

Coloured Boxes

Instead of just opting for the standard brown box, why not try adding colour to the box? It can be one or more colours for your branding, or it can be switching to a black or white box; it’s entirely up to you, but if you want to elevate your packaging, adding colour to the box itself and even pairing it with a coloured liner in your branding colours can really help you to pull things together and create a signature look that easily identifiable for your brand and entices people to snap a pic to share o your behalf!

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