Loving my skin more and a special week together

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It has been one of my favorite weeks ever this week. Not because I won the lottery or went on a fancy vacation but just because everything seemed to fall into place and been really enjoyable each day.

Hubby took a week off work which is very, very rare. And even when he does he isn’t really not working if you know what I mean. He is one of those! But with the amazing random spring weather we have been out to lunch at Inn at Whitewell, played our first ever game of outdoor tennis and loved it, been working out everyday together, grabbing the kids at school together, and every evening has been outside in the backyard playing with the kids together.

I have loved this special week we had together. Baby O has really loved having his Daddy home extra and being outdoors more too. Now, I just need to play catch up this weekend on work that I have pushed aside to enjoy this past week. Oops. We only live once, right?

Loving my skin more and a special week together


read reading

We decided to pick a big family storybook each month and read together as a family. Not necessarily just for bedtime but whenever the kids want a little storytime with Mommy and Daddy. All five of us curl up on the sofa, or in a den we build with blankets, or one of their beds and we read a few chapters together.

Loving my skin more and a special week together

I really have cherished sharing stories with them and getting to talk about the characters and what we think will happen next in the story. I really felt like I got good Mom points when they both were overhead chatting at school about how we were reading “Ice Monster” together and even more proud when the kids thought it was pretty cool I knew what happened in the story like they did when they asked me about it. So it’s a new tradition, next up we are reading David Walliam’s Awful Auntie together. I couldn’t recommend the David Walliam book series more for family reading.

wore wear fashion

With our random spring spurt in February I pulled out one of my favorite silk blazers for a date lunch with the husband. Pairing it with my go to chunky necklace that I don’t think I have worn in two years and some light grey cropped trousers, it was a cozy but stylish lunch outfit. I got these pink bow slip ons last year and haven’t had a chance to wear them with my puffy pregnant feet last summer.

I am working on pulling things out of my closet that I haven’t worn in ages or ever and making a new outfit with them. If I don’t feel like I have anything to go with it, off to charity it goes. I have been doing this for about six weeks now and have taken about 10 full garabage bags to charity of clothes I just kept for the sake of maybe one day needing them for something. It’s been great because I feel like am cleansing my cluttered life at the same time as making more of an effort to put together new outfits with old clothes that I haven’t worn together before. Sometimes this feels like a shopping spree in itself.

Loving my skin more and a special week together
watched watch

We love Marbella, Spain. What’s your favorite go to getaway family spot? Here is a quick weekend with friends and some very instagrammable cafes along the way!!! Have a watch and see! Don’t forget to subscribe!

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Loving my skin more and a special week together

I have been working on wearing more moisterizer and making sure to take better care of my skin. I am late to the party on skincare not because I didn’t know how or where to start (ok, maybe a little overwhelmed on lotions and potions on the market) but because I am straight up lazy at night when it comes to taking off makeup or prepping my face before I slather another layer on in the morning before the school run. But it’s a new healthier version of me this year and with that means taking care of my skin more.

Have you heard of EPIONCE? I was so excited to be gifted this Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser to try out. It is a specifically formulated active foaming cleanser that gently and effectively removes dirt, oil, make-up and dead skin cells – without disrupting the skin’s natural protective barrier. It’s worth it’s sticker price at £29.50 for 170ml. I have tried a few makeup removers but they dry my skin out or leave it red. I have sensitive skin and so far this has been the lighter and better option for removing dirt, oil, and my makeup quick and easy. I will admit I hadn’t heard about this brand before but I think my skin really prefers this gentler gel cleanser.

Key Benefits

  • EpiK™ helps flush out clogged pores by removing oil, dirt, bacteria, makeup and dead skin cells without harming the skin barrier.
  • EpiK™ also helps prepare the skin to receive treatments and absorb active ingredients of leave-on product treatments.
  • Ideal for oily/problem skin and conditions such as acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Key Ingredients

  • Willow Bark Extract
  • Menthol
  • Date Fruit Extract
  • Marshmallow Extract
made making

I have been on a popcorn kick! I love making homemade popcorn and it would seem that my kids take after me because come family movie popcorn everyone wants their own bowls for fear of someone getting more than the other. Have you ever tried making colorful, fruity popcorm for the kids, try my recipe here. FRUITY RAINBOW POPCORN RECIPE.

Fruity Rainbow Popcorn Recipe Kid's snacks treats
and lastly to share

We are in full Baby O’s first birthday planning mode. I can’t believe its already coming to a year. My baby days are flying by and with each milestone that hits, a slight emotion hits too. This is my last baby ever and I am soaking up the details as best I can as much as I can. So theme wise what are some ideas for first birthday parties? Need some suggestions please comment below….

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