Fruity Rainbow Popcorn – A Simple Kids Snack Recipe

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Paper boxes filled with multicoloured popcorn. One yellow box is on it's side with the popcorn spilling out. There is a large glass bowl also filled with popcorn to the right of the shot.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful and the best I have ever seen in the UK this year. The kick start to summer time has put a smile on everyone facing living here. I love making fun treats with the kids when they are out of school. Something they can help out in the kitchen with and enjoy after. This treat is perfect for a hot or cold day this summer because we know there has to be an end to this sunshine eventually. We can keep smiling with this colorful treat long after the sun has gone.

Rainbow Popcorn

I wanted to put a sweet spin on the kids’ favorite popcorn snack. We make homemade popcorn all the time but just plain nothing on it. I quickly had an idea pop in my head, Fruity Rainbow Popcorn. (pun intended). Who wouldn’t love sweet popcorn that was all the colors of the rainbow? I wanted to make our popcorn something skittles would be proud of.

Experimenting In The Kitchen

My kids think I am crazy when I am making things up in the kitchen. Half of our dinner recipes come from me just wanting to make something and looking in the fridge and cupboard with things that might relatively go together. We had some popcorn kernels, food coloring and some Hartleys jelly raspberry mix so I thought why not use it as a flavor like you do salt or sugar on popcorn. There you have it Fruity Rainbow Popcorn was born.

Red and white striped cardboard boxes in a line, each filled with a different colour of fruity popcorn
3 white bowls filled with a different colour of popcorn,

Fruity Rainbow Popcorn

a sweet and colorful spin to your homemade popcorn

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword popcorn, snack, treat
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 50 g Sugar
  • 150 g vegetable oil
  • 4 drops gel food coloring
  • 50 g popcorn kernels
  • 23 g Hartleys Sugar Free Jelly (jello) Raspberry mix



    On high heat, stir sugar, oil, your choice of food coloring, popcorn kernels in a large deep frying pan, continuously.

  2. When the first kernel pops, place lid on frying pan and using the pan’s handle, keep moving the frying pan side to side on the burner so the kernels keep sliding around in the oil. You don’t want them to burn.

  3. Be careful to keep the lid on and not to spill oil on yourself its extremely hot.

  4. Moving the frying pan continuously keeps it from burning the popcorn already popped.

  5. Only takes a few seconds to pop all kernels. Remove from heat and place in a glass bowl.

  6. Sprinkle 2 Tablespoons Jelly (Jello) mix over the popcorn and stir with wooden spoon.

  7. Let cool before eating or mixing the colors together.   


A paper box on it's side and multicoloured popcorn spilling out of it

It really doesn’t take long at all and makes gorgeous sweet fruity rainbow popcorn that is perfect for family movie night or in a bowl for a weekend treat.

How To Store Popcorn

Store in a large re-sealable bag or box. Why not add remaining Raspberry flavoring to the bag and shake for an extra fruity flavor. Usually keeps for 2-3 days in a properly sealed container and then will start getting too hard to chew.

A Snack Kids Will Love

Why not pack it for a day out with the kids and eat it at the seaside? It’s party season maybe you want to make it for your little one’s birthday party and fill paper cones with it. Either way, your little ones will love this as much as you will. You can even use rainbow popcorn as part of a Halloween snack mix. If you’re kids aren’t keen on popcorn then be sure to try my ham and cheese party nibbles, or some ham and cucumber snack bites. Letting them get involved in the making of the snacks usually makes them more keen to try eating them – trust me!

Rainbow fruity popcorn is highly addicting, I promise you. The sweet and fruity flavor is one of my favorite popcorn treats. You can make this into numerous other recipes too, like making them into popcorn balls! Or try flavoring each color a different flavor to really make it skittle-tastic. It really is the perfect recipe for summer for the whole family!

A paper box on it's side and fruity rainbow popcorn spilling out of it


Fruity Rainbow Popcorn Recipe Kid's snacks treats


Fruity Rainbow Popcorn Recipe Kid's snacks treats

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