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Is everyone ready for Christmas? No,not yet, well don’t worry you have 13 more days. Yup, that’s it until the big festive day is here. I can’t wait. I have the Christmas trees up and the house all decorated. The presents are wrapped and Christmas dinner is planned. I only have a few last minute things to organize and for the first time ever I will be spending Christmas just relaxing and not worrying about anything. Let’s hope its’ the best Christmas of all! 

I normally don’t do tags on my blog but beings it’s Christmas and I love everything that goes along with the festive season I thought I would join in. Also, I really enjoyed reading Alex’s from Bump-to-Baby‘s fifteen festive favorites and a huge thanks to her for tagging me. Now, I will share with you my fifteen festive favorites.
Fifiteen Favorites Tag
1. Favorite Festive Food?

Most people will say chocolate here during Christmas as there is always a plethora of it around but I am more into the main meal. I have always been a savory over sweet kinda gal and I love me some mash taters and gravy with stuffin’. Oh sorry I had reverted back to my hick roots there but it’s so true. There is nothing better than good old Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. 

I am not a bigger drinker but I love brandy and eggnog and baileys coffees during the festive season as well.

2. Favorite Reindeer?

Dasher, and only because I played him in the school play.

3. Favorite Day of Christmas?

Christmas Eve! I say this because it always feels like the most magical day of the year. All the excitement and last minute rushing around to finish off everything for the big day. The kids always open a mini present from my parents, we watch Christmas movies and then after the kids go to bed our house turns into Santa’s workshop! Mr P and I sip champagne and stare at the twinkling lights wondering what the kids will think of the next day. I love it!

4. Favorite Christmas Song?

There is a song we used to sing at the top of our lungs when I was growing up, called Dominic the Donkey. It’s not your traditional Christmas song, it’s silly and definitely for kids but the memories of us laughing and dancing around to it, will be there forever. I recently came across it the other week and squeal with joy and got to dance around with my own kids to it. It definitely isn’t as magical as an adult but I saw how much my kids loved it like I used and it was magical moment all over again.

5. Favorite Present?

Oh there are a few traditional Christmas presents I love so much that I look forward to getting: perfume – because I can’t stand buying it for myself; candles – one can never have enough candles; christmas pjs – it’s just a must to pull on your christmas pjs Christmas night.

6. Favorite Festive Film?

I agree with Alex, Elf is my favorite Christmas movie. I have watched it every Christmas since it came out. Don’t all hit me with a stick but I am not one for Christmas classics year after year. I do love the cheesy Christmas movies made for tv as well though Mr P cringes when I put one on but we probably catch one each week the whole month of December. Thank you Christmas 24 channel.

7. Favorite Festive Cracker Toy?

I sadly don’t have one and only been opening crackers for seven years now so there hasn’t been a lot of chance to get something amazing yet! In true American fashion though I love the cheesy jokes that come with them.

8. Favorite Cracker Joke?

Oh, I love anything cheesy its in my nature, they are all crackers! lol (I also think I am a comedian did you know?)

9. Favorite Christmas Decoration?

Lights! I love all twinkling, sparkling, glowing Christmas lights. I love the ones you can use all year round just to keep the magic in the house, we call them fairy lights when it’s not near Christmas just so we don’t get labeled as ‘those’ type of people that never take their decorations down. I don’t just like them on the Christmas tree but love them in wreaths, and trees outside, along the houses and front doorways, fireplaces, or even on the back of the headboard. Who doesn’t like Christmas lights?

10. Favorite Christmas Candle Scent?

Anything with spiced cinnamon. I love winter scents. I once found a yankee candle that was oatmeal and it was my all time favorite candle scent as it reminded me of baking during the holidays. If only I could find it again. At the moment The White Company do a candle called Winter and I love everything about it.

11. Favorite Christmas TV Advert?

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert this year with the soldiers uniting to play soccer almost makes me cry. I know I am sappy what can I say, it’s bittersweet and sums up what Christmas should be all about!

12. Favorite Festive Tradition?

Singing Christmas songs and dancing around the kitchen with my kids. Mr P can often catch us doing this during the festive season and I will proudly admit I have always done this even before I had kids. It just looks more sane when you blame the toddlers. Mr P can vouch for me though I did it long before then! There is no shame in dancing around the house, free spirited to good old Christmas music. I remember the first time I danced around singing my heart out when I first moved in with Mr P blaring the music. He sat on our couch in our old house either mesmerized or mortified but either way it was then that I knew he really did love me despite my flaws! lol

13. Favorite Place to Spend Christmas?

Being an expat there is no place like home and by home I mean at my parents house. We almost always are guaranteed a white Christmas with fluffy beautiful snow surrounding the house. My Momma goes all out to dress the house from top to tail in Christmas decorations. She bakes up a storm for a week straight and there always seems to be more magic at home with my parents with us all. As the kids get older and flights become more expensive our Christmases there are getting fewer but I can’t wait till they are a bit older and can remember a great Christmas at Grandma and Papa’s house there is nothing quite like it.

14. Favorite Christmas Fact?

I will have to agree with Alex on this one as well what a great Christmas fact: “Even though most of Santa’s reindeers appear to have male sounding names. I’ve heard that male reindeers in fact shed their antlers around Christmas time. So that would make it much more likely that the reindeers pulling Santas sleigh are female.”

15. Favourite Snowman Accessory?

… a button nose of course, only because that is my favorite part of the song and all I could remember of it when I was a kid. But who doesn’t love everything there is about building a snowman! Do you want a build a snowman? (I will leave it with Frozen stuck in your head now). 

There you have it – my fifteen festive favorites of the holiday season. I am feeling all festive now must go put some Christmas music on and get baking to keep this Christmas cheer on. In the meantime I tag the following people…
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May you all join in and feel as festive as I do afterwards!!!
Happy Holidays! 

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    • Thanks Laura, feel free to join in the tag. I officially tag you to be festive too. I felt so festive after writing it. I normally don’t do tags but loved this one and it’s great to read others answers of why they love christmas so much.

  1. Oh that’s a wonderful list – it’s making me feel very festive, though that could just be the fact that I’m writing by fairy light – I totally agree they’re the best decorations!

  2. I thought I’d seen all the Christmas tags but this is a lovely one…will join in too if I have time, the days are flying by!

    Hope your Christmas is a happy & healthy one 🙂 x


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