{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #15

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:15 pm

Happy Friday everyone! I hope the sun is all shining where you are, it is here. I am looking forward to some outdoor fun this afternoon when the kids wake up. The weekend is almost here, get your thinking caps on and get out to do something different and fun.

Another week of crazy toddler happenings has past. Buba never fails to provide me with great material each week in his journey to learn how to speak. Thank goodness for sarcastic and literal two year olds. I am ever so excited to hear Missy Moo start to speak. I think she said a few blah, blah, yah, yahs this week. We are getting closer.


Buba’s sarcasm is at an all time high. When I am trying to be stern and explain why he can’t do something he is forever making me laugh in the process. It is so hard to tell your kid off when what he comes out with both shocking and hilarious rebuttals.

Earlier in the week, he broke one of Missy Moo’s toys, caught in the act I asked him what he was doing? He got up and walked toward the kitchen and replied sarcastically, “I just walking, Mommy” swaying his hips side to side.

Granny told me that while she was babysitting this week, Buba ripped a page out of one of his books and over the monitor while he was supposed to be going to bed she heard, “Mommy fix it, Daddy shout”. 

He is forever my little helper. This week, after I broke the trash can and now can’t get the inside bucket to pull out, I have had to leave the trash bags hanging out because there is nowhere to tuck the sides in. Stupid me. Buba standing watch asked, “Mommy what have you done?”  with his hands on his hips. Which I also got to hear this new lovely phrase when I spilled tomato soup all over my dining room linen chairs. Missed that post, click here. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself.

The last two nights I have put Buba to bed. Mr P had to work late. I curl up to him, in his big boy bed to read him a bedtime story, the first night I got, “no” as he pushed the book away, “go downstairs Mommy, bye, bye” and gave me a nudge to remove myself from his bed. I was crushed. My little boy didn’t want a bedtime story but just to go to bed. Boo. Daddy never gets this. Second night, I receive a little more love than the first. Buba rolled over, after I read him his story and placed his hand on my face, “I love you Mommy“, ahhhhh I melted like butter however in the same sentence, “pwease get out of my bed now”. Crushed once again.

These are phrases you really have to hear in person, think of a toddlers lisp and tone of voice and they will have you rolling or crying on the floor as they have done to me.

Extra Addition this week:

I was rereading a book called “Reasons my kids are crying” that I received for my birthday back in December. It’s hilarious. If you haven’t seen it, read it, you will be nodding and laughing in agreement. I thought I would add a little part to my funny phrase day friday, of things that scare my toddler, because if you have read my blog long you will know Buba is very skittish and the things he is scared of are random, weird, and so normal that should scare anyone.  I will give you a few this week to get started.

Things that scare my toddler…

Buba is scared of his own shadow on the ground. Literally he sees it and thinks someone is there. Not him.

Buba is scared of the car when it turns on, or a car if it drives by, unless I am sat in the drivers seat, our car can’t be turned on or he will freak out. Not even to warm it up in the winter while I buckle him in.

Buba is scared of a light reflection. Missy Moo’s bouncer sits in the window so the sun hit the little mirror and dances lights on the wall. This absolutely freaks him out. “Mommy, light, get me,” he will cry over and over.


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15 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #15”

  1. Still remember so many of the cute things my daughters used to come out with when they were little. And yay to writing a blog so that you can recall each and every one of them!

    • Thanks Izzie. So sweet of you. I know I only wish I started blogging years ago when I first got pregnant. So many things I would have loved to document. I tried to do flashbacks every once in a while to capture some of them.

  2. I love the idea of him with his hands on his hips! So cute. My girl is not requiring so much love at bed time. It’s so sad! I want to be reading stories to her till she’s 40! #wotsofunee xxx

    • Hahaha I know. When he kicks me out pre-story I get a little sad that he is growing up way too fast. Thank you for popping over my lovely. Get those cuddles while you still can. Not long they will be tweens.

    • Thanks for popping by Ruth. So true. At least their sarcasm is entertaining most of the time. lol I felt guilty at first then he did it to Mr P last night so I feel at least the unwanted is now fair. hahahaha I know how mean but misery likes company. 😉


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