How to Plan the Perfect Coastal Family Holiday in the UK

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 01:44 pm

As an island nation, the UK has a lot of beautiful coastline. Our coast is really stunning in some places and we even have some lovely sandy beaches, even if many beaches are shale or pebbles. The coast offers up plenty of spots for your holidays, whether you want to spend time on the beach or you’re thinking about a more outdoorsy holiday with some coastal walks or bike rides, there are so many places you can go, from Pembrokeshire to the South Downs. If you want to enjoy one of the coastal regions of the UK, there are a few things you will probably want to think about when planning your trip.

Choose What Type of Holiday You Want

The first thing to consider is what type of holiday you’re looking for. This can influence where you decide to go because different parts of the coast can offer different things. You might be looking for a good old-fashioned seaside or beach holiday, complete with arcades, buckets and spades, and sticks of rock. Or maybe you’re looking for an active coastal holiday, following coastal paths on foot or by bike. You could also go in search of history or nature, perhaps going looking for some of our native birds.

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Look for Fun Activities to Do

Once you have decided where to go and what sort of holiday you want, you can start planning what sort of activities you want to do. Some holidays might lend themselves more to deciding what you want to do on the day, while others are better to plan with a more rigid itinerary. If you’re planning on a coastal walk over several days, for example, you will want to have an idea of how far you will walk each day.

Similarly, some things might want to be booked in advance, such as entrance into castles or other historical sites that you’re planning to visit. Overall, you’re not limited to just coastal walks or riding boats. But instead, you can even look into surf lessons Newquay too. It’s something new, exciting, and it’s going to be very safe too!

Find a Welcoming Place to Stay

A coastal holiday can give you the option of many different types of accommodation. You might be looking for a cosy hotel or B&B, or perhaps a cottage. Your options will depend on where you’re planning to stay. You might choose the welcoming Bamburgh hotel on the Northumberland coast or you might prefer to stick with self-catering options. The most important thing is that you choose accommodation that works for your family. Look for family-friendly options that work for you.

Plan the Journey

After planning your holiday, you have to think about how to get there and getting ready for your trip. Driving can often be the most convenient option if it’s available to you, especially if you’re going to a more rural or remote area. However, there are other options, such as taking the train to your destination. A train journey could make more sense if, for example, you’re planning a coastal walk from point A to point B and you don’t want to leave your car behind.

Taking a coastal holiday is a fun way for families to enjoy what the UK has to offer at any time of year.


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