It’s official… I’m 30! AHHHHHH

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Flirty at Thirty?

Well, I sure hope so. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I received this card for my birthday, yesterday. I can’t believe it, I am officially thirty. Feels weird now, like I was supposed to become a grown up over night. Sorry to disappoint but it didn’t happen. I woke up still the same, same pjs, same messy hair, same mascara smeared across my face because I was too tired to wash it off before bed, same wrinkles from each child I bore, same flabby tummy, yup still the same me.

I do in fact have the crappiest birthday as I have to share it with Boxing Day, which is huge over here. Everyone is still trying to cram in visits to family that they didn’t see on Christmas Day, eating left overs so they don’t want to go out for a big dinner, or partying in costumes for Boxing Day. This year was a big milestone birthday for me, and it was very hard to plan something to remember. In the UK, most restaurants are closed, spas are closed, and no one is around or available, which put a damper on my party planning.

I had this envision of kicking off my 30th with a huge flashy soiree. Now, I am so thankful I didn’t get my wish because it was the best birthday ever. Who needs a flashy soiree anyway?

The day started off great, my mother-in-law watched the kids, and Mr. P. and I went holiday sale shopping! Yes, I said a bad word, holiday sale shopping. Call me crazy but I love the hustle and bustle of huge holiday sales. People rushing about, excited over their bargain finds. It was only the second time Mr. P. and I were out just the two of us, so we took our time and really made the most of it. We went to Cheshire Oaks, a designer outlet near where we live, that I love. I always find the best bargains. I have had my eye all year on a few items there and I was praying they would be there and in the sale. After scavenging for a parking space the shopping had commenced. We bought things for us as well as the kids for our upcoming trip to Lanzarote. We had only bought two presents each for the kids’ Christmas as they are still young so a few clothes that were needed wasn’t a big deal. We had lunch at a lovely Bar & Grill at the Outlet and headed home.

I spent a few hours with Buba, Missy Moo, Mr. P., and my In-laws. Family time is huge for me so I wanted to make sure I spent my special day with them too. S and her family came over to sing Happy Birthday, and watch me blow out my candles. Mr. P. had a cake hiding over at S’s house next door. (I will know not to just search my own house now).


I was lucky enough to have a few close friends free their Boxing night up for me and come out for cocktails at a swanky, upscale Bar in Manchester.  We had a blast, talking Mommy talk, how I met everyone, online dating, marriages, and catching up. The group of ladies that I had gathered couldn’t have been a better personality match. They were friends from various parts of my life and some had only met a few times. Sometimes this can go extremely bad but in this case it went extremely well. I can’t remember the last time I ever laughed so hard in my life. The champagne was flowing, compliments of Mr. P. he is so good to me, and the atmosphere was great with a lady on the piano for entertainment.


Whenever I get presents for my birthday I fully expect them to be edible or drinkable as it is Christmas time and that just seems to be the norm. This year I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing birthday gifts I received. Each one was thought out and spot on for things I either needed, used a lot or really wanted. Here are a few to point out.


I have forever and ever wanted a Mac. Mr. P. has always supported my writing so when I set up ‘Let’s Talk Mommy’, this was the best and most useful birthday surprise ever.

My friends also spoiled me and know me well: Veuve Clicquot & Prosecco – so delicious, Chanel Chance perfume -my favorite, the green one not pink, Pandora charm – a sentimental gift from my kids, my love for birds & jewellery in one – how creative and lovely, and candles – I never stop burning them. This isn’t even all of it. I truly was absolutely spoiled this year. I can’t thank everyone enough, I am still in shock! I have to highlight a few more great surprises.


These flowers were the first surprise present I received from very close friends of ours, on Christmas Eve. Absolutely beautiful, and still making the house smell of spring. What girl doesn’t like to get flowers?  Thanks L & S.


This was a very exciting gift, as you all know how I can’t cook but love to try to tweak those recipes and pretend I can. I was looking everywhere for a recipe notebook like this one, that had pockets and dividers but wasn’t too formatted inside. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks S & C.


I have to highlight this as my favorite present (next to my Mac – no explanation needed 🙂 ) When I first opened it, I read the title, “Reasons My Kids Cry,” I thought, cute and comical. When I read the subtitle : “I broke the cheese in half.” I was in hysterics. It was a book about Buba. I couldn’t believe it, he wasn’t the only insane, irrational toddler out there that ‘heaven forbid,’ his cheese, banana, or fish stick (fish finger in the UK) broke in half! I opened it up, page after page, it completely mirrored my days full of toddler tantrums over random nonsense. I am not alone after all.

Below are two of my favorites, the first page is a peak into my future, Missy Moo will soon be sitting next to Buba in the shopping cart and I have no doubt in my mind, this is guaranteed to happen! The second page contains a snapshot of every other hour in our house, at the moment. Buba’s ‘blankies‘ are my nemesis.


It was a perfect memorable day! I didn’t need any fancy parties or huge spa getaways like I thought I wanted when I envisioned turning 30 and how I wanted to celebrate it. I didn’t even need all these amazing presents that I am so very grateful for.  In the end, a day with my husband, afternoon with my kids & family, and an evening with my dearest friends, was an incredible way to celebrate my 30th birthday! Who could ever ask for more?

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  1. 30’s are the new twenties. Your a yummy mommy and life is what you make of it. Keep your arms wide open and embrace what the universe has in store for you! X


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