Keep Cool this Summer with these Fashion Must-Haves

Last updated on December 29th, 2023 at 02:40 am

So far this year the weather has been blindingly bright. These clothing items are must-haves for summer and could stop you suffering in the heat.

It is important to protect yourself from harsh sunlight in summer. Burned skin comes with a chance of medical ill health. While we can smother ourselves with lotion all day long and still become burned, the best defense will always be to stay out of the sun or to cover up your skin. Nobody wants to wear heavy fabrics in summer though, so what is the happy medium? These summer fashion must-haves will help keep you cool even as they protect you from the sun.

These Fashion Must-Haves will Keep you Cool in Hot Weather

Women usually have more options for summer clothing than men do. Nevertheless, a man or an NBP might still find answers for cool summer clothing below. You can find out more about summer kid’s clothing here.

1. The Summer Blouse

Women’s summer tops and blouses are the primary way to keep cool. Go short sleeved or sleeveless if your shoulders don’t burn. Blouses are like shirts but far airier. This means they are cooler on you, particularly if you must work in an office in the heat. They are made from highly breathable fabrics. A word on 100% cotton though – it soaks up and holds sweat. Linen is a better choice for fabric that sits against your skin.

2. Men’s Shirts

While a crisp white shirt is great under a suit jacket, there is no need to stay so formal in the summer. Change out for a loose-fitting shirt, opt for linen shirts over cotton ones, and leave the silk at home. Hawaiian shirts, polo shirts, and even a short-sleeved shirt can all impact how cool you keep this summer.

3. A Wide Brimmed Hat

A good quality wide brimmed hat will last you a lifetime of summers. Your head size is unlikely to change very much, thereby making a good hat worth the money. A hat keeps you in portable shade all day long. This is vital if you are standing outside for any length of time in the summer sun.

4. Quality Sunglasses

By that same token, good quality sunglasses also have the potential to last your whole life. If you do have an eye prescription then follow it, choosing a set of frames which shape your face. When you wear sunglasses, you reduce the time you spend squinting and shading your eyes. The glasses both keep your eyes shaded and help keep you cool. 

5 . Comfortable Footwear

In summer, a set of training shoes is fine. However, they are not all so breathable. Switch your sneakers out for some breathable sandals, flip-flops, or dare we say it… crocs. Remember, tight and ill-fitted shoes will pinch, rub, and blister your feet faster in hot weather than in cold. Staying protected from the sunshine means protecting your whole body – feet included.

Stay Cool Without Sacrificing Style

These top tips should help you stay cool and stay stylish this summer. Keep clothing lightweight and accessories updated, and you have a recipe for success.


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