Kid’s gear you will love for spring and summer: MoodyTiger

Last updated on January 8th, 2024 at 01:33 pm

We have recently been introduced to the brand, MoodyTiger. Wow, it hasn’t disappointed either. All three kids absolutely love the feeling of the fabric, the lightweight of the kid’s gear, and the style of the kid’s gear too. Now that we are in full spring time and summer is just around the corner we needed some fun gear that was lighter weight for those warmer temperatures. My kids are so active indoors and outdoors so MoodyTiger sporty styles and athletic options are a huge hit in our house.

Seamless Breezy Jackets for family walks

Spring and summer is a great time to get out for family walks and enjoy the weather. But we live in England and it’s usually windy and/or rainy with sunshine so kids need a light jacket most days. MoodyTiger has the softest, lightest weight, UPF50+ Seamless Breezy Jackets for kids.

The colors are beautiful and stylish for boys and girls. I couldn’t get over how soft the fabric was as I have never felt anything like it. The kids have been wearing them nonstop on our weekend family walks just to keep the breezy off and protect them from UV rays. The fabric is breathable and has a cooling feeling. I only wish they came in my size too. They are super thin you can just roll them up and pop them in your hiking bag for easy storage.

EZLock Kids Shoes for active kids

EZLock kids shoes are modern and stylish yet made for kid’s dynamic movement. They have heavenly soft technology cushion for comfort and an ultra soft feel. The EZLock quick knob system combines one-piece upper that lets your kids easily create the perfect fit for support with a the turn of a dial. The best bit it has a reinforced toe cap with RuggerToe design, the stability of the heel, TPU reinforcements in prone areas giving kids multiple protection and safety whilst they play.

My son is absolutely in love with his new navy EZLock kids shoes. He says they are really soft and comfort but he feels like he can run with better support and they feel lighter too. He has large size feet for a kid so some shoes can feel very heavy for him. He hasn’t had his EZLock shoes off since he tried them on.

Swingy 2.0 Kids Shoes for comfort and warmer temperatures

Swingy 2.0 Kids shoes are breathable, light and flexible keep my kids cool as the temperatures rise. With every step the supportive upper makes sure the shoe fits perfectly. The easy-on, easy-off EZlace system is perfect for kids. With one pull kids can quickly adjust their own shoes. The swingy 2.0 has the same reinforced toe cap with RuggerToe design as the EZLock shoes above. With nonslip soles and cool-feeling lining they are the perfect shoe for holidays this summer.

My daughter gets really warm feet in summer and hates her feet overheating. She has loved how airy her swingy shoes feel and says her feet actually stay cool. But mostly she loves that easy on and off pull on the shoe. She is always in a hurry to run and catch up with her brothers outside so being able to pull her shoes on and off quickly to keep up with them is a bonus. I love the color options MoodyTiger has with all their shoes and that it coordinates all their kids clothing too.

Visors & Hats for sun protection

MoodyTiger visors and hats are the ultimate sun protectors. Keep that sweat from sports out of your eyes and those strong sun rays off your kids’ faces, they are a must have for summer. They have a soft, stretchy elastic back for a custom fit.

My son love his lightweight hat. Most of his other hats make him sweat so much but the breathable fabric and lightweight creation of this hat is perfect for him.

My daughter prefers visors and her MoodyTiger is a firm fave of the whole family. Even I wear it. It’s gorgeous style matches all her MoodyTiger gear as well and it’s prefer for her sports during the summer training months.

Matching Sets for boys and girls

We absolutely love the matching tops and bottoms that MoodyTiger offer. With all their gym, sports, and athletic looks each item coordinate with the next. You can mix and match tops and bottoms to your hearts content. Making a few ideas make up a lot of different looks which is great when you have three kids. They can use the matching sets for a plethora of different sports and activities. And they all look great on them too.

My daughter loves this matching set of Solar Taylor Starry Thermal leggings and jacket. They will be awesome for her to take with us camping his summer when the evenings are chilly. She loves the fabric softness and the fun solar theme style. The easy zip up jacket and stretchy pull on leggings makes it an easy one to pop on after swimming in the lake or tubing down the river.

We are now firm customers of MoodyTiger and stocking up for our annual summer holidays in America this year. We will be gone six weeks and our MoodyTiger gear is going to keep us active, protected, and comfortable.

Have you ever heard of MoodyTiger? Have you been able to feel the materials used on their products? It will wow you…now if only they came in my size too?


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