Letters to him & her ~ #5

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:19 pm

To you both, I write these weekly letters with a snapshot of each of you so that one day you may look back and read all about yourselves and our relationship together during the time in your life you can’t remember yourself.

letters to my children him

Buba, you are so giggly and hyper these days. I have always been hyper myself but sometimes you go above and beyond even my own limits of energy and most people would say your Momma has a lot of energy so that’s saying something. While I love your rechargeable batteries and most the time you make me laugh and keep me entertained there are moments when I just need five minutes of quiet Buba. Like you used to be, sat there playing with puzzles or looking through books. You used to be able to sit there engrossed into whatever current project you were working on for hours on end. Now, it’s like you need fresh air and walked on a daily basis just to let off all that steam. I am looking forward to September when you start school and they are able to keep up with this new found high energy of yours and hopefully run it out of you come bell time. The funny thing is though I am glad you are a smiley, happy, giggling soul just like me. You will live longer if you smile and laugh alot so I have been told.

letters to my children her

Missy Moo, you learn things so quick from your brother, it’s mind blowing. Your calm and observant self is changing at the speed of light therefore your brother’s new hyperness is your new hyperness and having two of you so full of energy is crazy work. You used to be a lot more quiet and chilled out about things and you still are but lately I have noticed you are more and more like your brother in personality it just took you longer to show your true colors than it did him. You are also one tough cookie and I love that about you. Your brother probably runs crying to me of booboos and ouchies than you ever will. Just the other day you bashed your head full on into my knee, something that should have hurt you and you rubbed your head and continued on like nothing happened. Your tolerance for pain is so high and your new fear combination scares me to death. I am having to watch you a lot closer now so you don’t serious hurt yourself with all your climbing, jumping, and roughness. These are all great attributes though and I am grateful you are one tough cookie. They say boys shouldn’t be soft but I think neither should girls. 

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13 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #5”

  1. Beautiful words to accompany gorgeous photographs. I too am amazed by similar personalities in two of our children- and all three astound me on a daily basis with the kindness and generosity- which is a lot easier to appreciate when they are in part time school!

    • Ahh bless you yes I bet it does. Thank you so much. They are little munchkins too but mostly easy still. I am waiting for that moment I know it will come soon.

  2. Oh I’m in the hyper phase too at the moment and there are definitely times when I miss the moments of quietly playing by themselves! But I suspect it’s just a phase and I know the house will seem very quiet when Kitty goes to school in September!

    • I know it’s so cach 22 isn’t it? We want peace but we don’t want them to go off to school and leave us with peace. lol I am the same with Buba starting in Sept. There seems to be SOO many of us bloggers who has a child starting this sept. 🙂 May it just be a phase.

  3. Lovely, lovely photos! I really like the brickwork backdrop.

    I think the weather has a lot to do with how hyper kids can be. A teacher once told me that the wind always makes them go crazy and so far in our house she’s been proved right. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Vickie. The brick is in our back yard of the side of our house so I can’t wait to use it lots this summer. lol Wow well it’s crazy windy here. Maybe there is truth in that.


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