Letters to him & her ~ #30

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writing letters to my children him & her


B, you are a schoolboy now and I am now a school mom. Both of those sound so alien to me still out loud. It’s only been one full week of school and yet you are bouncing around with new sayings and new friends already. I love how much you have sprung alive just in a week of school. You also had a huge break through on riding your bike this week which we were so proud of you. It was like a light just went on and you did it and haven’t stopped. I am looking forward to so many changes in you this first year of school. What an adventure you are on now out of the house and out of my care during the week. It’s so hard to let go of that control and being the primary carer that I have been for four years and now you are just not there during the week. I was really emotional over it last week. I hope you long continue to love going to school like I did as a child. This marks the beginning of so much of your future. I am so proud of you for being brave and adapting to our new routine instantly with a smile.


MM, it’s just you and me now. We have been a trio for so long with your brother that we have never really had any one on one time together. I am so excited for our weekdays filled with new adventures and being able to give you my undivided attention. You are saying so much now I can have full conversations with you and you understand just about anything I say. I feel so guilty that you have lost your playmate during the day. I know I will have to fill some big shoes as you love your brother so much. It’s been a tough week for you learning that he is going to school every day. You have had a lot of emotional goodbyes not knowing how long we were dropping your brother off and then starting two mornings at nursery yourself. It’s been a lot of changes for you all in one week but I know you will soon adapt too and we will find our normal routine together. Your Darcy Duck continues to be a constant in your life while everything else is changing. I was looking over my instagram and realizing that she is in most of our photos, she is a part of the family. I will be devastated if we lose her or she falls apart because they have now stopping selling her everywhere. I think you have relied on her during all these changes and I am grateful she comforts you. Right along with your brother, you have learned how to ride a bike by yourself this week. I thought you were far too young but you hopped on your cousin’s bike and caught up with B like it was something you already knew how to do. It really took me and Daddy by surprise. We have been having bike races between you and your brother all weekend. I think you will long continue to surprise us, little girl. 

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14 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #30”

    • Thanks Donna. I think a little of both but mostly sunshine and outdoor playing. I see such a big difference in their attitudes when they can run around outside everyday rather than being contained indoors. lol Thank you so much. They are growing up quick.

  1. I love this photo of MM. So gorgeous and she looks so much more grown up.

    Glad that B settled into school. Sounds like he’s done a better job of making friends. Annoyingly N and his best friend have just stuck together, so I’m trying to persuade him to make friends or at least say hello to others and be more inclusive into their games and play.

    • B is funny like that though if he knows someone or makes friends with one he glues to them forever. He doesn’t mingle I have noticed. lol MM has really grown up and changed lately I can’t believe it either. Thanks hunny.

    • It feels very weird to be home alone with just one after so many years of just being us all together at home. The house is too quiet almost to work. lol B is absolutely having a ball at school. Glad Theo is loving it too. Thanks Clare.

  2. Awww Jenny, they’re both looking so grown up recently! It will be nice for you and MM to have some time together and then you’ll both look forward to B coming home 🙂 It is strange being a school mum now isn’t it hehe! x

    • It is very, very strange being a school mom indeed Kerry, I still feel like I am just playing dress up or a part in a play for a few weeks and then we will go back to how it was. How can B be in school already? Time is flying by way too fast. MM and I will come up with a regular routine and love our one on one time together for sure. Thank you hun.

  3. Oh what gorgeous photos of both of them Jenny – they seem to have grown up so much over the summer and fingers crossed that all the upheaval of the big changes going on will settle down and they can figure out their new normal – and I think you’d better get practicing your cycling, MM looks like she plans to go fast!!

    • Thanks Carie, they are growing so fast I can’t keep up anymore. B is looking more like Daddy and MM like me it’s hilarious.I know I best buy a bike to keep us for sure.


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