Love the little things #47

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:23 pm

TGI-Friday!!! I have been counting down the days all week for today to finally come… we are off to Center Parcs probably as you read this! It’s our very first time going but we have heard nothing but amazing things from others that have gone with small kids. We have our carriage ride to Santa and Santa’s Wonderland all booked. I think I am more excited than the kids to see good old Saint Nick!

With that in mind let’s join the lovely Butwhymummywhy and her beautiful #littleloves crew in reflecting back on the little things I loved this week.


With being sick on top of everything else these past few weeks, I finally sat down in between packing and a trip to A&E for x-rays (long story) and enjoyed my new Mollie Makes magazine, a Coffee Nut Latte and Almond Croissant. I couldn’t of had a better 30 minutes to myself.

Mollie Makes Magazine Little Things

In between my vlogging, blogging and daily life duties I have been trying to read a book a week. It’s been more like a book every other week but this week my nose has been stuck in “The Good Girl” a book I received in my goody bag from #BlogFest. What a treasure its been thus far… The Good Girl Book Little Things


I have never heard of her before but I came across this song on youtube and I love the message it sends. It’s corky and different than the usual music I listen to but I quite like it.


I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos, mostly my own to learn from my mistakes and get better at talking to the camera and recording myself. Zoella has a lot to learn from of course so I am breaking through her videos and a lot of other big vloggers to get a better grasp. I have so much to learn. Here is my most recent vlog sharing my Pastel Christmas Haul!


Since we are off to Center Parcs I have pulled out my winter wonders that I bought a few years ago for our winter American trip. I love my Christmas Hollister hat, gloves and matching scarf! I am all about the crochet in the winter time!

Winter Hollister Hat, Gloves, and Scarf  Set Little Things


This week I brought out my inner child and my love for Lucky Charms with my Lucky Charms Cake Recipe. My two favorite treats in the world, why not put them together? The marshmallow inner layer tastes absolutely delicious with the vanilla cake and frosting.Lucky Charms Cake Recipe Birthday Cake

And lastly…

It’s 33 days until Christmas! My favorite holiday of the whole year (not just because my birthday is 4 hours after either!). I am going all out this year for the holidays as it really is the first year my kids are old enough to participate and us not going away for it like we did last year.

So I have been scoping out Christmas decorations as I plan my Pastel Christmas tree for our new front room. Have a sneak peak at my Pastel Christmas wishlist here and stay tuned for my home tour of all my Christmas decor! There will be two themed trees this year and lots and lots of baubles and tinsel!! I can’t wait!

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20 thoughts on “Love the little things #47”

  1. Oh I love the Christmas Mollie Makes – I’m saving mine until I’ve got a chance to have a long soak in the bath and read it cover to cover and then Christmas in on!!!

  2. Wishing you and family a wonderful time away, look forward to see your photos. Thought of you this morning as I did a foodshop in Tescos, tons of gorgeousness pastel ornaments, just incase you need any more lol x

  3. Ooh I really must take a look at that book from the Blogfest goody bag – it sounds great! Your cake looked amazing and I am off to watch your vlog too 🙂 Enjoy your holiday hon X #wotw

  4. I’ve just looked into Mollie Makes magazine (from your blog) and it looks like something I would love, I have a free magazine on my iPhone which I will read tonight and may make it a permanent subscription!

  5. Loving the Hollister Hat and Scarf set! Something I would wear! So sorry you have been poorly and hopefully you are on the mend! Hope you have a wonderful time in Centre Parks xx

    • Thanks. Good eye to spot the hollister brand. Yes still coughing. Separated the muscles in my ribs so its hard to cough now. Boo. Center Parcs was fantastic.

  6. Hope you are having a lovely weekend Jenny! I’m excited to see your festive decor – the pastel tree sounds beautiful and your decorations so far are too, too pretty! 🙂 As ever, I don’t know where you find the time for everything! I think, honestly, you should give lessons! Xxx

  7. Hope ye had a lovely weekend away! Love the pastel decorations…..although I know is be too scared to even attempt going down that route for fear it would go wrong! X


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